Help Clients Stock a Healthy Pantry For More Client & Business Wins

It’s no secret that it can be difficult for clients to make healthy choices at every meal (or choose nutritious snacks when the craving hits). Empower your clients to make their better choices, more often, by helping them build and maintain a better-stocked pantry. They will win at better health, which leads to more business wins for you! 

In this article, you’ll…

  • Learn how building a better pantry delivers more wins than a healthy pantry
  • 3 ways to personalize how to stock a healthy pantry for clients
  • Discover a tool that shows prospects why they should hire you
  • Get 11 proven marketing ideas to grow your business

There is one area in the home that is often overlooked, but critical to client success—the pantry. Never before have there been so many ways our clients are advertised to about what can be in their pantries – and how quickly, easily and cheaply they can stock their pantry. 2020 also forced us to live in such close proximity to, and rely on, our pantries and freezers (which is really an extension of the pantry!) all day long.

Pantries, and more specifically, what’s on the shelves, can play an integral role in our clients’ success, or lack thereof, in their better health journeys. Therefore, helping them build a better pantry is a win for them and you!

Help Them Build a Better Pantry

A better-stocked pantry is a nutritional gatekeeper, a place to help us make smart choices and avoid problems because it is stocked with each person’s better choices. At BNP we use the word “better” versus “healthy” to emphasize the power of personalized nutrition. 

“What is better for each person is healthy, but what is healthy is not always better.”

Ashley Koff RD

Stocking a pantry with tons of healthy foods and snacks can be a tremendous waste of money and create stress. If clients don’t find the choices delicious, know how to use the ingredients or cannot realistically incorporate them into their meal plans, their pantry isn’t better for them.

That’s what makes The Better Nutrition Pantry Guide so exciting! This tool is an engaging way to personalize your recommendations for each client, empowering them to shop better and keep their houses stocked with foods that help their bodies run better while avoiding what can irritate, overwhelm and disrupt those efforts (that’s the definition of better nutrition!). 

Even better? This guide is full of done-for-you content that you can share across your social media platforms to engage and re-engage clients as well as to generate referrals for your business.

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The Better Nutrition Pantry Guide dives deep into everything clients need to know to build their better pantry, highlighting healthier swaps and nutritional considerations of everyday items. It’s also full of practical advice that you can easily share with clients, including:

  • How to stock the pantry with diverse enough items to please all family members!
  • Stock better means without breaking their budget  (this guide pairs perfectly with our Better Nutrition on a Budget Guide, also in The BNP Toolkit™)!
  • Puffs or chips – show them what’s better (and not)?!
  • A healthy pantry may not include treats, but a Better Pantry does!

And, help your clients stock their pantries to make it easier to get in a rainbow, more often. Use our popular Rainbow Evaluation (get it FREE here) with the Pantry Guide.

Now that we’ve discussed how The Better Nutrition Pantry Guide will help your clients, let’s get into how it can also help you grow your business at the same time.

3 Ways to Use This Guide to Personalize Your Client Plans

Personalization is your competitive advantage. It’s what clients need, want and what you deliver on better than the competition. Read more on that here. This guide is your better way to show off your personalization efforts – and show them their wins! Instead of simply emailing it out to your client list, we recommend breaking it down into smaller talking points that will lead into future conversations. Here are my top 3 recommendations on how to use this tool most effectively.

1. Don’t Tell, Show! Anyone can Google “How to stock a healthy pantry” and get loads of articles that tell them what is “healthy”. But you, using this guide, can show them how to stock theirs, better – for them. Give them simple tips to put the pantry items to work. For instance, one of the main advantages to a better-stocked pantry is the ability to upgrade takeout. Keep healthy pasta sauce on hand to elevate precooked chicken breasts, or use canned tuna from the pantry to whip up lettuce wraps for a quick and healthy weeknight dinner. Help clients on a one-on-one basis to brainstorm new ways to boost the nutritional value of meals they are accustomed to ordering from a menu.

2. Challenge Them to Add Variety! Variety is at the core of better nutrition. Clients often get the same things because they know they are liked (which prevents wasting money too) or have heard it’s “the best” _____ (nut, seed, oil, sauce etc). But we know that variety is better. We also know that challenges are a great way to improve engagement and effort. So this guide to create their better nutrition challenges! If they are always adding almonds to their yogurt, challenge them to switch it up and try seeds. Swap out croutons for roasted chickpeas for a more nutritious crunch. If a client eats the same trail mix day after day, offer up new recipes for them to experiment with. Use this guide to help clients realize that there are all kinds of ways to use pantry items to make normal food choices more exciting.

3. Meet Their Needs Better! To personalize each client’s recommendations, you first evaluate their current total nutrition, lifestyle choices and health to reveal what their body needs (using BNP evaluations make it easy to show them if they need less added sugar, more fiber or a better balance of calcium and magnesium). Then use this guide to show them how to stock their pantry with deliciously doable options. Using BNP menus along with this guide helps you show them specifically how their new pantry items will meet their needs better.

I am so glad you created this tool because my pantry WAS a HOT MESS.  It is pretty sad with me being a dietitian and my pantry is in such disarray.  Since getting The Better Pantry Guide two days ago, I have totally revamped my pantry and it is now stocked with my healthy foods! I can’t wait to use it with clients.

Phyllis Hall RDN

Now Let’s Talk About Marketing Ideas for This Tool So You Make More Money!

The Better Nutrition Pantry Guide is incredibly useful to connect better with current clients, and reconnect with previous ones. But to reach your profit goals, you also need to be bringing new clients in. 

However, coming up with new ways to actually attract qualified leads can feel super challenging, not to mention time-consuming. 

Believe me, I know firsthand how difficult this part of the business is, and that’s why I made sure this guide is not only chock full of useful information, but it can be easily repurposed for years worth of content!

Here are 11 ideas you can use to start promoting The Better Nutrition Pantry Guide right away:

  1. Break down each pantry section into a monthly blog for over 3 years worth of content! 
  2. Turn that blog content into emails and social media posts and cross off “create effective content” from your to-do list
  3. Begin a recurrent pantry feature highlighting one item every week
  4. Create a 30-day pantry challenge for your online followers to join (& invite patients of referring practitioners to join too)
  5. Promote the guide quarterly to remind your audience to adjust their pantry seasonally (just like their clothing closets)!
  6. Offer this guide to promote your services for helping them online grocery shop better
  7. Use it as a free giveaway on your site, in gyms and hair salons etc. to drive them to a discovery call by offering to discuss how to personalize their pantry. 
  8. Promote this guide in posts that celebrate different food cultures to show off your personalization skills. 
  9. Use the guide when you share tips to “Shop Better On A Budget” or “Make Easy, Healthy Weeknight Meals”
  10. Offer it as bonus content within an existing program. Expert tip: Offering bonus content exponentially increases your program’s value proposition!
  11. Use it as a promotional item for sponsored posts on social media to add new clients into your contact list and then offer a free consultation to follow up

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