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The BNP Toolkit™

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“It’s really helpful to use the tools to help me make sure my clients continue to get the nutrition they need as I tweak their eating to achieve their weight loss goals. I love using the tools to help me zero in on what they’ve been missing so that I can help them get it in via food.”

-Suzanne Healy, CIHC, FDN-P

The BNP Membership™

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“In addition to the done-for-me evaluations and handouts, I have so appreciated the opportunity to see Ashley “in action” via the programs she runs and actually be part of the group.”

-Michele Rudolphi, MS, RD, CLT

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THE Bnp Toolkit™

ThE Bnp Membership

THE Bnp Toolkit™:





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Evaluations loaded in many Practice Management Systems (Healthie, Practice Better, etc.)

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THE BNP Toolkit™

Expert-approved evaluations, guides, menus, plan & journal, protocols, and programs make it easy. Use our done-for-you business tools and get more patient wins! Includes a complete how-to video program to show you how to use your tools.

THE BNP Membership™

Get all the privileges for a full year! All new tools, annual update, access to live work sessions 2x/month with Ashley Koff RD & experts, business listing for referrals, private Facebook group for VIP support & offers … and more!