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The Shop of Tools

The full suite of cutting-edge client nutrition education and marketing materials! Includes evaluations, program slides, expert protocols and more! Save time & enjoy having all your content needs met to attract, engage, re-engage and referral generate more clients! All memberships include Lifetime Access to the set of tools you purchase. Preview the tools here.


BNP On-Demand Video Library

We don’t set your business growth timeline, you do. That’s why we offer a video library so you have on-demand access to videos that show you the how-to’s of all aspects of growing a nutrition business. Your library also includes videos for all programs, masterclasses & workshops. Preview content in the video library here.


BNP Provider Referral Network

Let us send you client referrals, media, brand and consulting opportunities. All memberships include your own business listing with a link back to your website (even better for SEO!) Click here to see the Provider Network.


BNP Members Only Facebook Group

Working alone can be lonely. Get group support to network about resources, challenges and celebrate each others wins. Ashley, the BNP team and guest experts answer your daily questions. Get VIP access to workshops, masterclasses & our programs. All memberships include access to this group.


BNP Business Resources

Successful businesses are built intentionally. We’ve pulled together and developed easy-to-use essential business growth resources like email sequences, time management, financial tracking and goal setting tools. These tools are included in BNP Masters & Pro memberships. Preview them here.


Mentorship from Ashley Koff RD

Been there, done that. She’s grown her own super successful nutrition business & helps others do the same. Mentorship means Ashley Koff RD is part coach, part consultant, and part advisor to personalize your profitable growth at every stage. Click here to meet Ashley. BNP Masters includes monthly live group sessions with Ashley & BNP Pro members get Private 1:1 sessions plus unlimited email all year.

BNP Shop

Are you looking to attract more clients while spending your time better? Get better business growth with The Shop of Tools, On-Demand Video Library, Members Only Group, and your own business listing in the BNP Provider Network. Don’t waste time creating winning programs, proven content, learning protocols or trying out different marketing ideas – what works is here, ready for you to customize and use to smash your goals!

BNP Masters

Want to master all your nutrition business needs without having to learn & do it all yourself? BNP Masters is a group-based mastermind with mentorship from Ashley Koff RD and all the resources you need – The Shop of Tools, On-Demand Video Library, Referral Network listing and Nutrition Business Tools – to save you more time and make more money whether you are just starting or been running your own business for years.


Wishing your nutrition business could achieve rockstar status? The BNP Pro puts you and your business in the spotlight where you belong! Packed with everything you get in BNP Masters, as a Pro you get coveted access to private mentorship sessions, unlimited annual email access and weekly group sessions with Ashley Koff RD.

120+ New Leads!

“I have 121 follow up calls I am making to review energy evaluations and get them signed up for an energy program. As you well know, as the “inventor” – no sense in re-inventing this stuff when it works and you have so much experience. THANKS!! Wouldn’t be at this point without you and the shop of tools!!”
Dr Ann Sura

Clarity, Focus & Action!

“I was definitely stuck before BNP. BNP has given me business clarity and a focus – a systematic approach to help me move forward from idea to execution. Im trying to build my side hustle into my main hustle, and the time (and brain power at the end of a long work day) needed for program development, was holding me back. The done for you tools were a gift (OK, a valuable investment)- it allowed me to get unstuck. The weekly meetings give me the accountability and education on the business aspect of entrepreneurship.”
Nina Dahan MS RD

9 New Paying Clients+My First Course!

“Just sold my first online Digestive Tune Up Course (9 attendees). Love having Ashley Koff as a mentor and coach. Plus, all of the tools you need to get started are already done. I highly recommend her program. She’s got a solution for every excuse, every obstacle, you just have to trust her process.”
Wendimere Reilly RDN

I Stopped Wasting Time!

“I paid for the whole Ashley and it’s worth it. I wasted so much time over the last year. You can personalize it all and make it for your business. She’s always there as a resource and has multiple trainings and programs to help you. You don’t have to do it alone. Since the BNP team is always looking at the most current research, you have the most recent research to share with your clients and yourself. It’s not just tools and content, you have a provider like a coach available to you. If any of you have paid for a business coach before you know the cost alone.”
Kerry Mitchell RDN

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