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rebecca faulkner

3 reasons I am excited about The BNP Toolkit™:
1) The tools have been vetted by expert practitioners in the field.
2) I will be able to use the tools as a marketing tool to capture emails
3) I will be able to use the tools in my online programs to track progress and obtain testimonials.

– Rebecca Faulkner MSN, PMHNP-BC, RD

Suzanne Healy BodyHeal Health Coaching

The BNP Toolkit™ helps me make sure my clients continue to get the nutrition they need as I tweak their eating to achieve their weight loss goals. I love using the tools to help me zero in on what they’ve been missing so that I can help them get it in via food.

– Suzanne Healy CIHC, FDN-P

Erin Lawson, MS BSN RN CNS

We’re 3 weeks into my digestive tune-up in which I have 6 participants ($900) and I made over $250 in revenue off of supplements this past month! I also have 11 Private clients, 4 of which bought long-term coaching programs and 62 new email subscribers!

– Erin Lawson MS, RN, CNS, LDN

The BNP Membership™

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Get exclusive access to new tools, programs and protocols as well as a full update of your entire BNP Toolkit™. The BNP Membership includes a business listing for referrals and access into our private group to help you through challenges as you build the business of your dreams.


There is no question on whether I am going to renew! When you break down the costs, it comes down to less than $5 a day! That is such a steal for the value you get out of the membership!

– Meg Moreta MS RD CDE

BriAnna Wanner RDN, CLT, CLC

Thanks to BNP, I’ve set up a better calendar and it’s totally paying off and rocking my business right now, helping me through everything. My personal life has been more organized than it ever has in my entire life.

– Brianna Wanner RDN, CLT, CLC

Heidi Gunderson, MS, RDN, CDE, CLT

Thank you Ashley, for your help and guidance! Also for The BNP Toolkit™ with its beautiful and updated educational resources. My goals and business program are definitely “better” than they were a year ago and I have learned SO MUCH about myself and how to run an online practice!

– Heidi Gunderson MS, RDN, CDE, CLT

Before BNP, I was struggling to find the right way to use my skills to provide clients with the best results. I was letting myself get pulled in so many directions, but working with Ashley has given me clarity, tools and a path forward that I am comfortable with. Now I can give the best of myself to my clients.

– Michele Ciancimino

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THE Bnp Toolkit™

ThE Bnp Membership

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THE BNP Toolkit™

Expert-approved evaluations, guides, menus, plan & journal, protocols, and programs make it easy. Use our done-for-you business tools and get more patient wins! Includes a complete how-to video program to show you how to use your tools.

THE BNP Membership™

Get all the privileges for a full year! All new tools, annual update, access to live work sessions 2x/month with Ashley Koff RD & experts, business listing for referrals, private Facebook group for VIP support & offers … and more!