Become a BNP Preferred Practitioner™ Today!

Ever wished your patients could get all the support they need, but you could spend your time doing what you love and are best at?! Let’s partner – it’s FREE!

  • Personalized: we help your patients implement your recommendations and give you real-time feedback so you can readily adjust for optimal outcomes.
  • Support: our coaches & clinical team extend your ability to deliver the amount and caliber of support your patients need to succeed
  • Scalability: extend your services to more people without requiring more of your time and finances
  • Quality: personalized nutrition and lifestyle services worthy of your practice
  • Profit: offer patients discounts and, if you choose, opt-in for our revenue share model.

What is your preferred form of communication?
We use Slack for all patient communication, but understand this isn’t the best for everyone. If you aren’t open to using Slack, please select one of the other forms of communication. We know adding another thing to the mix can be overwhelming and what we strive for is to make your lives easier!

After submitting the form you will be directed to the Preferred Practitioner Paperwork to complete and send back to – Have questions? Sign up for a demo or chat us directly in the chat box to the right.

“The BNP programs and coaching have been a wonderful asset for my practice to draw upon. As a solo practitioner I feel supported by the benefits of a team that manages itself and contributes meaningfully to my patients. Most of all I appreciate the collaboration behind the scenes that my patients may not be aware of that helps me accelerate their desired outcomes through the exchange of both ideas and updates. This extends the capacity of my practice without the responsibility of having to hire and employ coaches myself.” -M. Hussain, MD