Spend Your Time Better with The BNP Toolkit™

Help your patients achieve their health goals without adding more work to your plate. Our science-backed personalized nutrition tools allow practitioners to evaluate, educate, and engage patients through every stage of their journey. 

Personalized Nutrition Tools Designed By Practitioners For Practitioners

We all know the power of personalized nutrition, and we know how much of your effort it takes. It’s a heavy lift—luckily, you don’t have to shoulder it alone. The BNP Toolkit™ provides what you need for better assessment to help your patients understand your recommendations and identify choices that can help them meet their needs. What’s more, it provides done-for-you, white label-ready content for marketing, patient education, referral generation, and retention.

What’s in The BNP Toolkit™?


Our science-backed nutrition assessment forms provide simple and straightforward insights, empowering practitioners to make personalized nutrition recommendations. With practitioners-facing and client-facing nutrition assessment forms, patients can see their results and better understand your nutrition recommendations.


Knowledge is power. Help your patients and prospects better understand the nutrition services you offer and how to put those services into action by using our guides. From back-to-school nutrition insights to nutrition on a budget, dietary restrictions, and more—our guides cover the basics of nutrition, interesting insights, and tips on how to create a nutrition plan that’s easy to follow.


Help clients implement your recommendations by providing professional meal-planning menus. These customized menus offer guidance on day-to-day dining, outlining which foods provide the right mix of nutrients for each patient. They also provide deliciously doable recipes and recommendations to help your patients enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

What Other Practitioners Have to Say about The BNP Toolkit™

The BNP MiniKit™  – Free Download

This free minikit is a test drive of the fully loaded BNP ToolKit™. The BNP MiniKit’s Eat a Rainbow evaluation is an engaging and practical resource to help your clients who want to learn how to eat healthier. 

  • The Evaluation helps educate your patients and gives you a clear assessment of their current eating habits so you can customize a plan that better meets their health needs. And you you can modify the evaluation with your own logo and contact information.
  • The Rainbow Menu and Better Pantry Guide are turnkey tools you can use to provide them with easy-to-follow meal recommendations and healthy food swaps.

The BNP MiniKit™ is the perfect way to get a taste of our most foundational product offering—The BNP Toolkit™—and help your patients learn to enjoy eating across the rainbow. 

Why invest in nutrition services?

Brand the BNP Toolkit™ with your practice’s logos and imagery to make our nutrition offerings your own.

Without hiring outside resources or spending hours on research and meal planning, you can add personalized nutrition plans to your offerings, helping your patients and increasing your practice’s profitability.

Make the most out of your BNP partnership.

With The BNP Toolkit™, you’re eligible to become a BNP member! Join our monthly membership, and take advantage of our new-member special—the first 30 days of membership are 100% free.

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Our registered dietitians and health leaders are constantly developing new evidence- and science-based tools and strategies to help support practitioners and their patients. Get a new BNP tool monthly, along with corresponding marketing & education materials.

Expert-Led Live Group Sessions

Join our CEO and Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff & guest experts for two live group sessions each month. Workshop your ideas, discuss your business plan, and get tips on how to use your tools to drive better results!

On-Demand Video Library

Our comprehensive video library features how-to videos on our tools, creating meal plans for clients, nutrition assessment forms, practice solutions, and more. Watch and re-watch exclusive expert interviews & business-building workshops
on demand.

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