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We are the personalized nutrition partner for medical professionals, patients, and businesses. We offer short but illuminating personalized, evidence-based nutrition programs and supportive coaching that deliver real insights and measurable results.

Meet The BNP Team

Ashley Koff RD

Ashley Koff, RD

Nutrition + Founder

A 20+ year personalized nutrition & marketing expert, Ashley helps people, practitioners and businesses identify and make better nutrition choices more often for better health outcomes.

As a practitioner, Koff created a proven system for continuous, root cause assessment to identify, show and help patients make their better choices more often.

Today, as founder of The Better Nutrition Program, she leads a team bringing this system of tools and programs to practitioners globally to empower them to deliver personalized nutrition & lifestyle solutions to their patients more efficiently and effectively

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Meg Reichert, MS, NBC-HWC

Meg Reichert, MS, NBC-HWC

BNP Programs

Nicole Gleason, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

BNP Coaching

Ashley Stewart, NBC-HWC

Ashley Stewart, NBC-HWC

Customer Care

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Programs + Operations

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Tom Blue


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