BNP Health Plus™ Membership

$129.00 / month

What turns a plan into a reality? Support, tracking, experiments and real-time feedback ALL of which you get in YOUR BNP Health Plus™ Membership. Invest in your first 30 days today, continue monthly and cancel at anytime. Your coach, The BNP Clinical Team™, education content and live group sessions will help you take each step to success in the better order for YOU. Get the lasting results you crave with YOUR Health Plan Plus Membership starting right now.


Your BNP Health Plus™ Membership

Too often, lack of knowledge is not the issue – in fact it can be part of the problem – and what you really need is support to help you identify and make your better choices, more often. The Better Health Plus™ Membership adds the power of coaching – live sessions, unlimited messaging, clinical team support – to our foundational Better Health Membership. When Do-it-yourself isn’t enough – get the power of a team to help you optimize your health!


  • 30 Minutes of Personalized Coaching: Receive dedicated one-on-one coaching sessions to fine-tune your health goals, address challenges, and hold you accountable.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Stay seamlessly connected with your coach through unlimited messaging. Get quick answers, guidance, and motivation whenever you need it.
  • Live Education Sessions: Participate in exclusive live sessions led by Ashley Koff RD and The BNP Clinical Team™. Gain valuable knowledge, ask questions, and stay up-to-date with the latest health trends.
  • Comprehensive Resource Library: Gain access to a robust library of tools, guides and expert advice in our resource library, empowering you with the knowledge and resources to make informed health decisions and manage your well-being effectively.
  • 20% Off Supplements: Receive an exclusive discount through The BNP Fullscript store as long as you are an active member.

Optional Add-On’s to Your BNP Health Plus Membership*

  • BNP Programs: Continue to enjoy the transformative power of BNP programs with exclusive access at a special rate. Elevate your health journey further by seamlessly integrating new programs that align with your evolving goals.
  • Additional Coaching Minutes: Take your coaching experience to the next level by adding extra 1-on-1 coaching minutes to your membership. Dive deeper into your goals, challenges, and strategies with your dedicated coach.
  • BNP Clinical Team Support: Elevate your health insights with personalized recommendations from our dedicated clinical team. Explore labs for additional information and refined supplement protocols, to ensure your journey to wellness stays on track.

*additional cost apply to program add-ons