The GLP-1 Optimizer™ Practitioner Protocol Includes:
  • GLP-1 Optimizer™ Practitioner Protocol PDF
  • GLP-1 Optimizer™ Nutrition Plan
  • GLP-1 Optimizer™ Guide
  • Next Health Weight Loss Agreement
  • GLP-1 Optimizer™ webinar recording you can use yourself, to develop your own, or share with your patients

BNP GLP-1 Optimizer Protocol


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Don’t Just Take Our Word…

Terms and Conditions: This is a proprietary tool from The Better Nutrition Program developed by Ashley Koff RD in collaboration with BNP experts and scientists. GLP-1 Optimizer™ is a trademark of The Better Nutrition Program which you can use if citing it as “GLP-1 Optimizer™ from The Better Nutrition Program.” You agree not to publish, sell or share directly with other colleagues (unless you employ or are employed by them) or patients; You agree not to explicitly or implicitly guarantee any results for your patients tied to outcomes experienced by The Better Nutrition Program (BNP) participants unless you have written permission to use our testimonials or are referring your patients to BNP to go through the program with our team. All purchases are final and non-refundable.