BNP Coaching™

Let us hold your patients accountable and give them the support they need—without adding more to your plate—by partnering with BNP’s team of qualified coaches.

What is BNP Coaching™
and How Does it Work?

BNP Coaching™ takes practitioners’ recommendations and helps patients put them into action. Our board-certified coaches provide personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching, holding patients accountable and supporting them as they strive to make better nutrition choices.

Step 1:

Complete the Preferred Practitioner sign-up, join our VIPractitioner Slack channel, and get your preferred provider code.


Your patient with their coach to personalize their program. You meet your BNP Clinical Team representative to share any patient insights and goals.

Step 3:

Your patient works one-on-one with their coach, based on their personalized plan. You get real-time updates on your patient’s progress.

Step 4: Better
next steps

Our Clinical Team will keep you updated on your patients’ progress, sharing a final report with better next steps and follow up.

Meet Our Coaches

BNP coaches are board certified and partake in ongoing nutrition education programs. Each coach is trained to collaborate with practitioners and patients, ensuring that their guidance and support align with practitioner recommendations.

What Other Practitioners Have to Say About BNP Coaching™

Thank you very much BNP

BNP Coaching™ Packages

Your patients can work coaching sessions and communication into their busy schedules. They can select the amount of time they want to set aside for coaching over the course of the month, and then schedule sessions to fit their schedule. The time allotments are provided in minutes and range from 60-minutes to 240-minutes over the course of a month. The patient can then break up that time allotment however they see fit. For some, that may mean several 15-minute sessions, while others may prefer a few hour-long sessions.

Unlimited Messaging*

24/7 access to message coach for advice and support

Great for patients who are independent and self-motivated, and benefit from occasional checkins to stay on track

Convenient text-based communication for patients who don’t have time for in-person or video meetings

60 Minutes / Month
+ Unlimited Messaging

Limited live coaching check-ins plus messaging

Message coach anytime for advice and support

Ideal for those that do better with frequent messaging and just want to use their live coaching sessions for check-ins or to troubleshoot an issue 



120 Minutes / Month
+ Unlimited Messaging

Regular live coaching check-ins plus messaging

Message coach anytime for advice and support

Great option for patients who like to talk through their plan and progress in detail regularly



240 Minutes / Month
+ Unlimited Messaging

Frequent or longer live coaching check-ins

Best for patients who struggle to stay on plan, stay motivated, and stick to their practitioner’s recommendations. 

Also perfect for patients who want 1:1 support every step of the way



All pricing is listed as retail pricing, to find out wholesale price please sign up to become a preferred practitioner