Turn knowledge into action with the accountability, guidance and support of  live coaching, messaging, clinical team access, and a robust resource library. BNP Coaching™ includes:
  • A Meet N’ Greet with your coach to personalize your program
  • Customizable one-on-one sessions with your wellness coaching
  • Unlimited messaging —in-app or on your desktop
  • Bi-weekly group sessions with the BNP Clinical Team™ featuring renowned nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD & others
  • FREE: 30 days of membership powered by coaching and BNP resources

BNP Coaching™


Professional support and accountability to turn knowledge and guidance into better long-term habits

Are you overwhelmed by all your practitioner’s recommendations? Or eager to continue the progress you’ve recently made? You’re in the right place. Your personal coach will help you find simple, doable implementation strategies and cement the better choices you’ve discovered through BNP.

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Packages starting at $250.00

Select from 60, 120, or 240 minutes of coaching time throughout the month


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This Program Will Help With….

Supplement Regimens | Diet Protocols; Elimination Diet, Prolon, FODMAP & Beyond | Results Optimization from Wearables; Oura, Whoop & Apple Watch | Deliciously Doable Meal Choices; Plant-Based, Family-Friendly, Allergen-Free & More | Assistance Completing At-Home Lab Tests | Better Sleep, Better Energy, Better Performance | Better Nutrition for Your Budget

Ongoing Support, On Your Schedule

Break up your coaching into 15-, 30-, 45-, 60-, 90-, or even 120-minute sessions throughout the month. Use them right away or schedule weeks in advance for when you know you’ll need a little extra support.

Pick the Right Package for You

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240 Minutes


Better Wellness, on Better Terms

Health is personal. Our tools have to be, too. Every aspect of BNP Coaching™ is designed to support your real life—so you can get better results, easier.

Engagement that works for you – Choose to consume our content through video, audio, or downloadable documents, in the app or on your desktop.

Personalized progress tracking – Write down every detail of your day or request regular check-ins from your coach that you can simply respond to. Share pictures, brief musings, or in-depth analyses—whatever works for you.

On your own or with your peers – Join fellow program participants for expert-led group Zoom sessions, or make it a purely personal experience with your coach.

You’re in Good Hands

To achieve your ultimate health goals, you need guides you can trust. We vet each and every one of our coaches—before they start and while they’re supporting you—to ensure they meet our high standards. You’ll only work with experienced, motivated professionals from nationally recognized programs, who have their national board certification (or equivalent) and a deep knowledge of functional nutrition. 

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