Reach Your Health Goals Faster with BNP Health Platinum™ Membership Includes:
  • BNP Clinical Team™ or Coach – 30 Minute Session
  • Unlimited messaging during your month of membership
  • Weekly live group sessions with BNP’s nutrition experts and coaches
  • comprehensive customizable set of resources so you never need to Google your health questions again! 
  • Support when you need it, how you need it via our BNP app community and weekly live Q+A sessions.
  • Exclusive members only discounts like 20% Off supplements, labs, wearables and more

BNP Health Platinum™ Membership

$249.00 / month

Don’t follow any plan that isn’t built specifically for YOU. The BNP Health Platinum™ Membership gives you direct 1:1 access to our expert clinical nutritionists (25+ years experience developing personalized nutrition plans that work!). Together, you will explore what your body needs to run better and identify adjustments to your current choices – as needed – that paves the easiest, most efficient path to optimal health. We review all your data and your lifestyle to develop a roadmap specifically for YOU today.

This membership level is perfect for you if you know you want 1:1 access to a clinical nutritionist, your own coach and a truly personalized plan for at least one month. Not sure if this is you? Click here if you feel you will respond better this month by having your own coach for accountability and support but already have a plan that you may want help refining but don’t need or aren’t able to invest in the creation of a truly personalized plan today. Click here if you are self-motivated, enjoy community, are seeking the input of nutrition experts and coaches, have budget constraints or if you already have a personalized plan from a practitioner. 

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Your BNP Health Platinum™ Membership

The BNP Health Platinum™ Membership is for you if you want to get and stay healthy with a plan that is built specifically for you – your body, your choices, your needs. Experience the game-changing difference of a truly personalized plan. Get connected with an expert clinical nutritionist (20+ years experience) to build your plan then work with your coach to personalize strategies to support you in making your better choices more often. Here’s what it includes:

Platinum Membership Benefits:

  • Expert Clinical Nutrition Plan-Building: Connect live with your clinical nutrition expert (30 minute session) after they’ve reviewed your data to discuss and design your plan. Each month, they refine your plan based on results and your goals or connect with a coach for continued support through your plan or program.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Stay seamlessly connected with your coach through unlimited messaging which is also a vehicle to share feedback with your clinical nutritionist. Get quick, quality answers and motivation whenever you need it.
  • Programs to Meet Your Needs: Choose to focus on a key health goal like GLP-1 Production, Thyroid, Digestion, Weight and Blood Sugar during that month with specific content, recommendations and experiments to improve that area (1 per month).
  • Live Q+A Sessions: Get your questions answered and get motivated with members only live weekly sessions with BNP nutritionists and coaches. Gain valuable knowledge, ask questions, and stay up-to-date with the latest health trends.
  • Comprehensive Customizable Resources: Never Google a health concern again when you have access to your team plus this library of menus, customizable condition-specific nutrition plans, experiments, protocols and hot topic guides.
  • Members Only Perks: Save 20% off on supplements, and enjoy access plus special pricing on labs, wearables and other BNP favorite tools for optimizing health.

Optional Add-On’s to Your BNP Health Platinum™ Membership*

  • Additional Coaching Minutes: Take your coaching experience to the next level by adding extra 1-on-1 coaching minutes to your membership. Dive deeper into your goals, challenges, and strategies with your dedicated coach.
  • BNP Clinical Team Support: Elevate your health insights with personalized recommendations from our dedicated clinical team. Explore labs for additional information and refined supplement protocols, to ensure your journey to wellness stays on track.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM): If optimizing your blood sugar is part of your plan, receive a CGM prescription and sensor sent right to your door to track with experiments for 14 days and have your data reviewed by The BNP Clinical Team™.
  • Genetic Test & Review: Add on a 3X4 Genetic Test and Blueprint and have the BNP Clinical Team™ review the report and send a recorded video session to go over your results. 

*additional cost apply to add-ons