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Healing Kitchen:
A 9-Part Cooking Series on Medicinal Food

September 12th – 21st


With the power of nature’s own pantry, you can address some of the most critical health concerns of our times… autoimmune diseases, heart challenges, chronic pain and discomfort, depression, weight struggles, diabetes, Alzheimer’s… even cancer.

We will show you step-by-step how to create plant-based healing recipes that target specific health conditions and vital systems within your body.

You will meet a remarkable group of people – farm to table chefs, herbalists, wild food foragers, small farmers, natural doctors, holistic nutritionists and more… who will guide you in transforming your kitchen into a sacred table of wellness.

In these 9 episodes, we will be cooking with you using a vast array of easily accessible, plant-based ingredients. Exploring the science behind why they are so good for you, while also delving into the rich culinary history that underscores each delectable morsel.

You will leave this rare experience with all the tools and wisdom you need to turn your kitchen into a sanctuary of healing, nourishment, and joy.

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