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A New Era of Blood Sugar Optimization

When: 2:00 pm EST

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We’ve entered a new era in blood sugar optimization led by tools that help practitioners and individuals evaluate time in range, fluctuations and root cause(s) of chronic disturbances. From assessment to optimization, these tools improve our recommendations and effectiveness for better overall health outcomes.

Join experts Dr Myles Spar and Ashley Koff RD in a live & recorded session hosted by Ovation Lab’s Tom Blue as they introduce the tools and protocols for the next level of blood sugar optimization. Topics and tools that will be covered include the health impact and prevalence of glucose spikes and the use of continuous glucose monitors in non-diabetic patients, an interactive CGM program with personal coaching, and clinical evidence in support of strain specific probiotics to improve GLP-1 and provide digestive support to optimize blood sugar levels.

This session is sponsored by Pendulum. Recording will be made available to any registrants.

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