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Personalizing Sweetener Recommendations Masterclass

Available until 6/18/21

We all know the perils of too much added sugar, but what about other sweeteners? From how they are made to what they do – and don’t do – in the body, sorting sweeteners plays a key role in optimizing health. Personalizing sweeteners is your competitive advantage – join us to learn how to harness if for better client and business outcomes. You will also “meet” our newest tool: The Better Sweetener Guide and meet Heather Terry, chef, entrepreneur (co-founder of NibMor chocolates & co-founder of Good Sam Foods) as well as partner at BeyondBrands who will share pro tips on sweeteners choices to make better treats deliciously doable.



Take Your CNS Business to the Next Level Masterclass

8:00pm EST – 9:00pm EST

You know nutrition and you love to help clients get and stay healthy powered by better nutrition. But getting clients, engaging them and cultivating lasting relationships is stressful and challenging. With better tools and expert advice from colleagues you will enjoy more wins! We assembled a powerhouse team of CNS – Lara Zakaria PharmD MS CNS CDN, Erin Lawson MS RN CNS LDN and Dana Bodek MS CNS LDN to share pro tips and tools for starting and scaling their CNS practices. Join Ashley Koff RD as she interviews each of them to help you get better ideas to compete better and lock-in more clients, referrals and create lasting relationships powered by The BNP Toolkit™ from The Better Nutrition Program.



How to Start Your Clients Off for Better Success Masterclass

1:00pm EST – 2:00pm EST

As a coach, you need to know as much as possible about your client. Yet asking loads of questions can overwhelm and even demotivate them! Now there’s something better – The Better Nutrition & Lifestyle Intake form. Designed by coaches for coaches to help you optimize the onboarding experience with each new client. In this session with Kathy Beach MS, NBC-HWC & Ashley Koff RD you will learn how it saves you time and helps you get more critical insights – and also how it helps you market your services for individual and group sessions to create lasting client relationships!

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