Discover The BNP Toolkit™

The proven system to power your practice with personalized nutrition recommendations and marketing solutions! Featuring 100+ tools developed by practitioners for practitioners, The BNP Toolkit™ empowers you to easily get better outcomes powered by better nutrition!

“Amazing set of tools for the wellness practitioner!” – Shabana Parvez MD

The BNP Toolkit™

Our full suite of 100+ tools is exactly what you need to develop & promote personalized nutrition recommendations!

Your BNP Toolkit™ purchase includes lifetime access, plus you can add your logo to brand all tools!

Cutting-Edge Total Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Evaluations

Consistently get all the information you need to make personalized recommendations with BNP evaluations alone or paired with labs and other assessments. Show them their better nutrition choices as a way to attract prospects, convert them to patients, and routinely engage them for lasting relationships.

Struggling to effectively market your services? Use evaluations to easily secure emails from social media posts, live sessions, events and to get referrals. Get better patient testimonials when you show them what’s gotten better! Plus, show them their better next steps making it easier to sell another package, more sessions or a program.

Your Toolkit™ includes 2 versions – an answer key for you (or clients) and an editable notes version for mutual sharing of information, offers, and your plan (with referrals).

Wow! Having these evaluations done and ready to use just saved my team and I countless hours on content development for our clients!

– Ayla Barmmer MS, RDN, LDN


Stop spending your time creating content and help clients understand the massive value you offer with these marketing and patient education tools!

These Guides are professionally developed and designed to give prospects and clients enough value, and direct them to you for services.

Add your logo to any Guide for a ”white-labeled” fully own-able, uniquely branded client experience.

“The BNP Toolkit™ has allowed me to be a “generalized” dietitian. I specialized in gluten free, food sensitivities and digestive concerns. The problem was I didn’t have any marketing tools. I attempt to craft my own, but found this incredibly frustrating. The BNP Toolkit™ has allowed me to successfully expand my business more efficiently.”

– Diana Price MS, RDN, CLT


Help clients identify deliciously doable choices to meet their nutrition needs.

As a follow-up to evaluations, guides, and to support weekly challenges in your programs, these menus help you show prospects and client food choices that will help them reach their daily needs.

Use these menus as done-for-you marketing content across emails and social media to highlight better choices and as freebies to add rocket fuel to your client engagement and email list growth.

“Diet is an area of lifestyle that most people can modify, so this becomes a very empowering way to both reduce cancer risk and improve health. This evaluation tool is an excellent way for someone to assess the current status of their diet and learn how to prioritize dietary changes to align with the cancer risk reduction lifestyle.”

– Lise Alschuler ND, FABNO, Co-author of Definitive Guide to Cancer and Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer

Nutrition Plan & Journal

The Better Nutrition Plan is a digital tool and program you can use to teach clients better nutrition principles including exercises to help them shift to a success mindset for better outcomes.

Uniquely designed as both a tracking and teaching tool, The Better Nutrition plan helps you both see the choices they make more often, so you can make real-time adjustments for better outcomes.

As they fill out their journal, clients learn about better total nutrition and the impact of their choices on mood, energy, sleep, etc. all while providing you with key data.

3 reasons I am excited about The BNP Toolkit™:
1) Sheer breadth of tailor-made and professionally presented questionnaires that can help take the place of me doing a nutritional intake.
2) The materials form the backbone of my MD nutritional consult program. I can do the science part, but didn’t have the nutritional tools that patients need and ask for.
3) The included presentations can help jumpstart my community presentations.

– Mausumee Hussain MD, MS, ABIHM

Programs & Protocols

Looking for help to optimize outcomes for patients with specific conditions, discover protocols designed by leading integrative nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD and other experts to help personalize total nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Confidently make personalized supplement and food recommendations with BNP protocols!

Winning programs – virtual and in-person – for one or many, are just a few edits away! Our proven programs help you deliver client outcomes, increase revenue and make it easy to secure testimonials to ensure future business growth.

Make our programs yours! All BNP programs are fully brandable as your own. Easily edit slides according to your goals and offers, or combine slides from different programs to create your unique offering.

“There is nothing like this tool, the eye health nutrition evaluation, for practitioners and patients – everyone should be using it.”

– Dr Rani Banik

Emails, Sequences + Business Tools

Emails & Sequences
Struggling to create and send emails that convert list members into paying clients? Seeking referrals from other practitioners but not getting them repeatedly?

These emails and nurture sequences help you automate or manually conduct conversations to drive results!

Fully customizable! Edit them by adding your branding, logo, your offer(s) and content to reflect your brand’s unique voice.

Business Tools
Successful businesses are built intentionally. Avoid missteps and wasted resources by using our done-for-you business growth planning tools.

Not sure how to use the tools? Choose our Membership! It includes mentorship and videos from Ashley Koff RD and our team of BNP Experts.

“My win for the week: I finally launched my email sequences today to a list of over 200 subscribers with the help of my dietetic volunteer team! We’ve been working on several sequences all season, and finally got the thing off the ground!”

– Gayatri Saldivar MS, RDN, CLT, IFNCP