4 Secrets to Personalized Nutrition

Personalization is one of the buzziest words in healthcare right now. But while everyone is selling it, most aren’t doing it well. But you can. Here’s everything you need to do it better.

In this article you’ll …

  • Learn the secrets that’ll help you create truly customized plans for all of your clients
  • Understand why personalization is key to your patients’ success
  • Get a clear picture of why personalization is your competitive advantage
  • Find out how The Better Nutrition Program provides everything you need to market and deliver personalized recommendations at every business stage

It’s 2021 and everyone has jumped on the personalization bandwagon. Companies know that consumers are looking for advice and solutions that are customized for them. Yet even though these products make big claims in their slick Instagram advertising, they can’t offer the kind of true personalization that a practitioner-patient collaboration delivers. 

While labs and trackable data such as hours slept or macros consumed tell us important pieces of a patient’s story, that info is far from the whole picture. It’s the practitioner-patient collaboration that sews together the broad advice with individual versions of what’s “better.” Because so few people are doing personalization really well, doing it better is your competitive advantage.

Here’s the best part: You can easily start using tried-and-true trade secrets that have helped countless nutrition professionals win with personalization. Read on for the tips that’ll help you start using them too!

Personalized Nutrition Secret No. 1: Do Better Evaluations

From Weight Watchers and Noom to Apple Watches and Oura Rings, companies are doing their best to massively scale personalization. The problem? They often don’t provide lasting results, and many aren’t financially accessible, either. While these companies will continue to grow, their growth has limits. 

That’s because data alone isn’t actionable. Your client may use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to track her blood glucose—but then what does she do with that info? What happens when she trades her whole grains or banana for cauliflower and sees blood sugar wins—but also stops getting all the fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants she needs. (And worse, she has no clue she’s missing out on these crucial nutrients by doing something as seemingly simple as ditching sourdough!) 

This is where you step in with targeted evaluations. Get a clear sense of your clients’ starting point—her total nutrition, which includes supplements and medications along with food and drinks. When you and your clients have that data, you can create a highly personalized protocol. Easily eclipse the results a patient would get if she was basing her nutrition decisions on data alone. Read here about the power of BNP evaluations.

Want to make sure you’re offering a truly personalized approach? Use The Better Nutrition Program tools to create customized plans for all your clients and create more wins for everyone as a result. 

Personalized Nutrition Secret No. 2: Look for the Wins—and Build on Those

When clients come to see us for help, we want to do everything we can to ensure they get the best possible outcome. After all, we worked our butts off to become healthcare practitioners because we want to help people get—and stay!—healthy. 

Yet all too often, we launch right into all of the things our clients need to change before crediting them for what they are already doing better. That’s not better. Most people who come to see us already feel like failures—and no matter what kind of genius advice we dole out, we’re not going to help anyone who’s stuck in a failure mindset. 

Helping our clients get amazing, lasting results starts by helping them see themselves as successful—and the best way to do that is to build on someone’s wins. Are they already drinking plenty of water, steering clear of processed snacks, or eating a few colors of the rainbow? Give ’em a high five! It’ll be so much easier to show that client how to make more great choices if they feel like they’re already doing at least a few things right. 

And if your client could still use a mindset shift, preview The Better Nutrition Plan. It provides mindset shifting exercises to empower your clients to shift to a successful mindset. It’s one of the 100+ tools you get in The BNP ToolkitTM.

Personalized Nutrition Secret No. 3: Deliver Personalized Solutions—Not “Right” Answers

School and training with lots of exams conditioned us to believe there is one “right” answer to most questions. Our clients think this way too thanks to the multi-billion dollar diet industry built on the (wrong!) premise that if you eat the “right” way you’ll lose weight and feel great.

But the truth is that there are no “right” answers or one-size-fits-all advice when it comes to nutrition. There are their better choices, which should be doable, affordable, delicious, and meet a patient’s specific nutrition needs. 

Whether you’re working one-on-one with someone or groups of individuals, you need each of your clients to feel like she got a specific-to-her solution. Great news? Doing this is a lot more doable than you might imagine thanks to the BNP tools.

Our BNP guides will get prospects and your clients excited about your personalized approach and sell them on how much they need you to create the truly personalized plan that makes them successful (finally!).

Personalized Nutrition Secret No. 4: Track Your Clients’ Progress—and Make Tweaks as Needed

Remember those evaluations you used during a client’s intake? They can be used again and again throughout your journey together to help you assess and reassess her progress. Use them to spot any pitfalls that may be keeping her from making better choices, and help you make adjustments to your recommendations. After all, personalization means changes to a protocol may need to happen if a client’s situation changes.

Better health isn’t something that you can just check off a list and consider done. It’s built by consistently asking if your body is getting what it needs today to run better without being overwhelmed, irritated, or having all of your efforts disrupted. It’s absolutely crucial that you don’t just give your clients a plan and then let them run with it! 

Life will happen. Your clients will need support if they’re going to successfully pivot to make their better nutrition choices more often. Continuously using BNP evaluations to reassess where your clients are, you’ll empower them to stay on their personalized better health plan. 

Bonus: You’ll also let them know you’re on this journey with them. It will make your services seem even more like a non-negotiable. Bye bye awkward ‘now I have to sell again’ feeling when they are finishing a package! 

Our ultimate goal with The Better Nutrition Program is to provide all of the support you need to make personalized care available for every patient (and keep them invested in you as their leader on their better health journey!). Check out how BNP’s system helps your colleagues win!

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