Client Testimonials – Look At Them Grow!

Successfully Launched My First Program!

“Being able to have a consultation with Ashley was priceless. I was spinning my wheels trying to launch my first program and started to get frustrated. After speaking with Ashley, I gained so much clarity on what I needed to do to launch my first program successfully. Thank you, Ashley.” 
Rebecca Faulkner MSN, PMHNP-BC, RD

Making More Money – My Way!

“Thank you!! I have to tell you that if it weren’t for being in this amazing group with all of the support & accountability I would never have made it to this point of actually having a group program put together. With everything that has happened this year (losses, stressors in my family etc.) I would have simply given up & just waited until “next year” …what a mistake that would have been! SO grateful to you BNP, Ashley, Anne & all the amazing practitioners here!! My heart is full.” 
Michelle Tasker RDN

Selling Signature Programs & Getting Renewals!

“How’s this for #MondayMotivation? Just booked another client in my 3-month program. Since becoming a BNP member in July and officially launching my business in September I’ve gained 5 one-on-one clients and 2 resigns!!!!!!!”
Brianne Koff, CHC, CPT, CMP

Spending My Time Where It Matters!

“I leverage and love The Better Nutrition Program resources in practice. When my day is filled with client appointments and managing 3 businesses, I don’t have time to create new materials from scratch. The done-for-you resources and protocols are fantastic!”
Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN

Get Out Of Your Way!

“I can’t tell you what your phone call meant to me! Sometimes you just need someone in the profession, who is experienced and confident to tell you “Hey you can do this” “I’ve been there” “Here are the tools” “I’m here for you”. The PayPal transaction went through smoothly. Can’t wait for the link and I’m excited for the homework.”
Tierra Carter RDN

Using the Tools for Personalized Goals!

“It’s really helpful to use the tools to help me make sure my clients continue to get the nutrition they need as I tweak their eating to achieve their weight loss goals. I love using the tools to help me zero in on what they’ve been missing so that I can help them get it in via food.”
Suzanne Healy, CIHC, FDN-P

Always Learning!

“Thank you! It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and your tools. I am just getting started but am already loving the ease of use and the powerful evaluation tools. I am eager to learn more via the Shakedown.”
Susan McCandless, RD, LD

“I Can Do This!”

“Just a quick THANK YOU for your time tonight!!!!!! My biggest take away is “I can do this!” It makes a difference being with like minded colleagues sharing their ideas and especially for your passion. It’s contagious!”
Rosemary P Benjamin, RDN, LDN, CDCES, LDCES, NBC-HWC, ReCODE

Putting Information into Action!

“In addition to the done-for-me evaluations and handouts, I have so appreciated the opportunity to see Ashley “in action” via the programs she runs and actually be part of the group. Her energy is contagious. The office hours that I have been able to view have been incredibly helpful. The way she chunks down information and encourages putting it into action really help to simplify my process and strategize growth as I put pins in the “for later” actions to implement.”
Michele Rudolphi, MS, RD, CLT

Taking Action!

“I appreciate EVERYTHING Y’ALL do, and I’m going to get my buttocks in gear and TAKE ACTION on getting my business going. I am also going to tell some of my high school friends who are RD’s about the Better Nutrition Program because they look to me for advice in the field, and they want to start their own businesses as well. I can absolutely say with 100% certainty that Ashley Koff and The Better Nutrition Program Team is the way to go!!!
Phyllis Hall, RDN, LDN

We Are Stronger Together!

“Love this group so much! Ashley you bring the best out of us.”
Cathy Bales, FMCHC, CHNC, BBA

BNP Lifer!

“Wow! YOU are amazing! I am pretty sure I am a lifer with you ;)”
Jamie Lesniczak, RN, BSN


“I just got around to activating my GoPro account and this site is AMAZING! Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into this.”
Marla Evans, MNT, FDN-P, CGP, AIP Certified Coach

Hitting Home with Clients!

“I learned that Ashley is fun! And we don’t have to be stuffy dietitians to have a Better Nutrition Business!!! I am being somewhat serious. I suppose the answer I’m supposed to give is……we need to offer our clients something that really hits home. I agree with Nina. The rolling hills is such a good analogy! I’m going to use this also.”
Linda Allen, RDN, ACHC, CDE

Making the Most of My Time!

“I paid for the whole Ashley and it’s worth it. I wasted so much time over the last year. You can still personalize it all and make it for your business. She’s always there as a resource and has multiple trainings and programs to help you. You don’t have to do it alone. — I should also add there are options to walk yourself through the BNP programs using Evals and tools even as a practitioner as a participant that is included. Since the BNP team is always looking at the most current research, you have the most recent research to share with your clients and yourself. It’s not just tools and content, you have a provider like a coach available to you. If any of you have paid for a business coach before you know the cost alone.”
Kerry Mitchell, RDN, CPT, CLT

Community and Support is Beyond Price!

“These tools have been fortuitously sent to me! The tech side of business has never been my strength I’ve learned as I’ve moved along. While I continue to grow with the tools, the time saved in development of materials and language for content has already proved invaluable. But it’s more than the materials. The education, community and support is beyond price in how this aspect alone has catapulted my business.”
Alisa Bloom, MPH, RDN, LDN, DipACLM, CLT

Virtual Business School = 10/10!

“Thank you for your program. It was very helpful. For someone who is very new to all this and coming from another career, not gonna lie, it was very overwhelming. However, everyone was so helpful and having the ability to revisit the content is wonderful! I learned a lot and need some time to digest it all, but I will as I revisit the modules. I would rate the school a 10. I loved the experts that you had on.”
America Diaz

Easy to Use Tools!

“The Better Nutrition tools have simplified the flow of my virtual work! They are easy to use, appropriately worded for clients and Ashley has helped in every step of the way with guidance and support on how to use them, how to run programs and how to determine proper recommendations.”
Alma Simmons, RDN, LD

“Go Pro is great!”

“Thank you! Go Pro is great!”
Caroline Sabbah, L.L.L, CNP, CFNC, CHPC

Valuable Info -> Actionable Steps!

“Thanks so very very much for this course. I’ve gotten so much valuable info- actionable steps to work on this weekend!!”
Nina Habbouba Dahan, MS, RD

More referrals!

“I really think the Dr prescribing this evaluation will help them refer to me and more effectively get me the referrals.”
Annette Habecker RD

Email Sequences = Major Win!

“Holy smokes, the email sequences are an awesome done for me win! Thank you!”
Brianna Wanner, RDN, CLT, CLC

Top Notch Customer Service!

“Shout out to Anne for help with my computer issues!! She above the call of duty so THANK YOU!!
Michelle Tasker

The Tools Make it Easier!

“Thank you so much for the tools. I want to provide the best advice to my clients and I am grateful to find the way to make it easier.”
Crysel Vélez

Such Great Value in Group Programs!

“3 Reasons I am excited about the tools:
1) How it can help expand my following/email list using some of the resources as lead magnets–I think I’m using that terminology correctly ;-)!
2) To be able to implement programs into my offerings. I do one-on-one right now, but see such great value in group programs.
3) Not having to recreate the wheel on areas that I know are so important to assess–getting to the root cause of what’s going on and then taking accurate steps to address.”
Danielle Naples RD

Easy to Evaluate!

“The better digestive nutrition tools are very easy for my client to fill out and as a result she sent it back to me quickly and we were able to get moving forward with her recommendations. The thing I like about it is the way the questions are sub-categorized, which makes it easy to evaluate.”
Denise Lalonde, RHN, CPT, Best-Selling Author

Successfully Expanded My Business!

“The Shop of Tools has allowed me to be a “generalized” dietitian. I specialized in gluten free, food sensitivities and digestive concerns, but I started getting calls for other conditions. I have the knowledge, so I started to branch out. The problem was I didn’t have any marketing tools. I attempt to craft my own, but found this incredibly frustrating. The Shop of Tools has allowed me to successfully expand my business more efficiently.”
Diana Price, MS, RDN, CLT

The Tools are Beautiful!

“Tools are beautiful and the assessments are great; you know us naturopaths you fill out like 15 pages with us; love the guides to go with my treatment plans I am very impressed and inspired by you Ashley – I was telling my coach about you, how much I – and she wants to join the Sugar Shakedown I am so excited. There are so many tools. I looked at the packages which helped me see how you would group them. I look forward to connecting with the group – this program is great.”
Dr. Elaine Stewart

Lots of Value in the Evaluations!

“Thank you so much for the introduction to ABC news – I really enjoyed being on the show and he invited me back on the spot – I think it was the cherry scone nut balls, though 🙂
I also wanted you to know that I’m using the protein and sugar evaluations at a WeWork presentation this week and have added the Digestive one as a baseline for my clients. They add a lot of value and are much appreciated.”
Dr. Susan Lovelle, MD, MACM

Saving Time & Getting Precise Evaluations!

“3 reasons I am excited about the tools:
1) as a time saving way to get more precise evaluations for specific nutrients for my patients (I have been using the calcium and magnesium evals quite a bit already).
2) including guides in pre-recorded courses for participants to utilize.
3) LOVE the menus as a way to give my patients concrete ideas/visuals of what it takes to get recommended nutrients.”
Dr. Kiran Khaira ND

Using the Tools to “Plug and Play”!

“It’s overwhelming to start from scratch, especially from a content development standpoint. I’m home all day with my 7 month old son and I never know how much time I’m really going to be able to devote to writing content/working each day depending on naps and such. I’m excited that I can use these tools to “plug and play” so that I’m not writing all my client care plans from scratch each time.”
Erin Lawson, MS, RN, CNS, LDN

The Leading Authority in Nutrition!

“The Better Nutrition Program team led by Ashley Koff RD was the perfect partner for this project. Ashley and her team are well established as the leading authority in nutrition and integrative health. I could not have asked for a better partner in developing this eye health assessment tool!”
Dr. Rani Banik

An Organic Opportunity to Engage with Patients!

“3 Reasons I’m Excited About the Tools:
1) lead magnets on website and social media
2) specific evaluations for popular/common nutrition challenges
3) Organic opportunity to engage with my husband’s existing patients”
Kristin Richards

Comprehensive Tool Kit!

“3 reasons I’m excited about the tools:
1) Already created ‘education’ via raising awareness through questions
2) Liked the idea of marketing aspect via seen by MDs of patients I work with increasing chances of referral
3) Comprehensive tool kit that is polished and seems to be functional-oriented; no matter the niche I am in, there will always be the need to discuss additional topics/health issues”
Lisa Siegmann

The Backbone of My Program!

“3 reasons why I am excited about the shop of tools.
This is the easiest question!
1) Sheer breadth of tailor-made and professionally presented questionnaires that can help take the place of me doing a nutritional intake, and will do it in a much more targeted and systematic manner.
2) The materials can form the backbone of my MD nutritional consult program, as I can do the science part already but didn’t have nutritional tools or practical solutions that patients need and ask for. They may take the place of referring out to a nutritionist early for my other services also.
3) The included presentations can help jumpstart my community presentations.”
Mausumee Hussain, MD, MS, ABIHM

Moving Forward with Clients!

“My excitement over the tools is simple: I feel like I have the confidence to move forward with clients by falling back on the assessments and tools. I can market the products easier than I can market myself (definitely a victim of self-deprivation and imposter syndrome). Lastly, instead of spending hours upon hours of creating content, programs, I feel like I can create them around the tools while also providing the necessary information that is course topic specific.”
Meg Reichert

Getting the Best Info Out of a Client!

“The Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation asked the right questions and in the right way to get the best information out of a client.”
Meaghan E. Germain, PhD

Phenomenal Transformations!

“I wanted to TY for the referral from NY!! She is doing phenomenal, losing lbs and inches. Her body is transforming and we work together so well. TY TY TY!”
Lori Koors DRT

“Our New Favorite Must-Have Assessment Tool”!

“The Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation is our new favorite must-have assessment tool in our nutrition practice! When we first heard about this one, we knew we had to incorporate it – digestion can totally make or break how a client feels from day to day. Whether your client wishes to lose weight or improve their skin, having better digestion is essential. Use this tool to ask your clients the tough, smart and no holds barred questions to get at the core of helping them improve their digestion and nutrition.”
Tammy and Lyssie, The Nutrition Twins

Professional Assessment Materials!

“I am excited about the Shop of Tools:
1) I will have a professional appearance with using very professional assessment materials that I send to clients that I do not have to create!
2) I hope that it can be the initial way of ‘breaking the ice’ on the first visit with helping a client to set some goals for lifestyle changes.
3) I am excited to try the pre-made program packages if I can drum up the business.”
Rosemary Benjamin, RDN, LDN, CDCES, LDCES, NBC-HWC, ReCODE

Inspired to be a Better Dietitian and Business Woman!

“3 reasons I am excited about the tools:
1) I think the new membership program will help me stay on track
2) I’ve always thought they were beautifully designed in addition to being professional and evidence based
3) The opportunity to be coached by Ashley. I like watching her videos, they inspire me to be a better dietitian and business woman”
Wendimere Reilly, RDN, LDN

Love Offering Clients Options!

“I’ve gotten 3 new clients on different programs (one is starting the Signature Sept 1st!) I LOVE being able to offer people options– even if it’s the smallest thing (like doing a One Month 30 min “Walk n Talk” session/week because this client just needs accountability to get moving right now) it’s one step closer towards a healthy difference in their life… and that makes my heart SO happy!”
Brianne Koff, CHC, CPT, CMP

Wonderful Resources at my Fingertips!

“So encouraging. I just jumped in this week with a FB business page and website and there is so much I still need to learn. My session with you Ashley changed my whole focus!! Love being a Go Pro member and having all of your wonderful resources at my fingertips. It IS uncomfortable getting started but with each step I take (including FB live videos this week) I’m feeling more confidence. I even have my first client!”
Heidi Gunderson, MS, RDN, CDE, CLT

Done For You Programs!

“I recommend The Better Nutrition Program and The Better Nutrition Program Go Pro membership. You get a huge array of useful tools (so you don’t have to spend time to create them yourself) like evaluations, menus, guides, on a wide variety of subjects (like CBD, stress, digestion, magnesium). You can use them as your base for free email opt-ins complete with suggested wording for the opt-in email string as well as the subject matter for emails to those clients you just got emails for. You have done for you monthly small group program materials (slides, talking points, recommendations). Plus, with the membership, you become part of weekly “office hour” where subjects like your client journey and setting business goals and financials and more are discussed.”
Julie Chudak, RDN, CPT, CLT

Busy Booking Clients!

“I’ve been super busy booking clients again after the covid crash.”
Theresa Munkvold, RDN, LD

Member Win!

“Doing a webinar tomorrow night for an offshoot of the Kid’s Korner program.”
Alisa Bloom, MPH, RDN, LDN, DipACLM, CLT

“Slightly Overwhelmed with New Clients!”

“I ran a radio ad in a very specific listening group and am now slightly overwhelmed with new clients.”

BriAnna Wanner, RDN, CLT, CLC

Grew my Email List!

“I grew my email list by doing several lives on insta
Nina Habbouba Dahan, MS, RD

Several Clients have Re-engaged!

“I had several clients re-engage with out me reaching out and I have now set up my reengagement e-mail which will go out this week.
Kathy Beach, MS, NBC-HWC

Better at Delegating!

“I got better at delegating by getting a social media assistant and now a tech assistant
Michele Ciancimino

Member Win!

“I have had patients that I haven’t seen for 10 years reach out to me in the last month.
Cathy Weigl

Launched my First Group Program!

“I have launched my first group program and am in the process of promoting it with my email list.
 Also got my first corporate client.”
Cathy Bales, FMCHC, CHNC, BBA

Got Set Up on Voice Command!

“Created a whole team of student volunteers to get lots of help for Q4! Also got set up on voice command yesterday so more people can find me via voice activated searches like Siri and Alexa!
Gayatri Saldivar, MS, RDN, CLT, IFNCP

Brought My Website Back Up!

“I brought my website back up and updated it, started using Practice Better, launched my first group program, and had my first client sign up for 6 months of weight loss coaching.
Lauren Larson, MS, RDN

1800 Views on Youtube in 2 Weeks!

“I posted my most popular cooking video on YouTube 1800 views in 2 weeks
Alicia Connor, MA, RDN

Re-engaging with past clients!

“I have been re-engaging w/ past clients & it’s been going well. I also revived my private ladies FB group. I had only started it a few months ago with about 20 ladies & then tonight invited others. Going to do a FB live tomorrow morning to share some of what to expect for the rest of 2020. Decided to throw it out into the wild like Ashley has been saying 😉
Still need to do my Q-planning/ financials but decided I better start engaging w/ potential clients if I want to have anyone join me for the digestive tune up next month!!”
Michelle Tasker

Sold my First Class!

“Convertkit Update- Just got my first deposit. The process was seamless. I sold my first class last Saturday and my last class on Monday. The check for all products sold was put into my checking account this morning.”
Wendimere Reilly, RDN, LDN

Sold my First Ongoing Membership!

“Wooohooo…as of 30 seconds ago, I just sold my first ongoing membership. I offered monthly or quarterly (discounted). She went for quarterly!”
BriAnna Wanner, RDN, CLT, CLC

121 Follow Up Calls!

“I have 121 follow up calls I am making to review energy evaluations and get them signed up for an energy program. Having never done this before, looking for a little more guidance specifically on the shop tools and how to structure a program with those. As you well know, as the “inventor” – no sense in re-inventing this stuff when it works and you have so much experience. THANKS!! Wouldn’t be at this point without you and the shop of tools!!”
Dr. Ann Sura


“Wednesday WIN – signed up 2nd client into my New Monthly Membership for Gut Health! First client referral due to all the fabulous things that have been happening the past 5 weeks! Basically doing the digestive tune-up for first 30 days, then focusing on clients wants/needs. Scary to wing-it, AND know the Tools are here to guide me in their journeys, which lessens any fear. #empoweringhealthyhabits one habit @ a time.”
Michele Root, CCHT, HC

New Followers & Lots of Views!

“I’m getting lots of views on my first 2 FB live videos and ~50 people have started following my business page so far in one week; thanks for all of your suggestions so far!”
Heidi Gunderson, MS, RDN, CDE, CLT

Member Win!

“I’m an advisor on the nutrition & metabolism group in the American Diabetes Association.
Meg Werner Moreta, MS, RD, CDE