3 Reasons to Check Out The 2021 Updated Shop of Tools™

The 2021 Updated Shop of Tools™ is HERE!

Click to hear to what Ashley Koff, RD and her team of experts have been working on from June to December!

We know that with as much time and energy as you invest in your nutrition business, it can often feel like the weight of the entire thing is on your shoulders.

Let’s get one thing straight. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Our new & improved Shop of Tools™ is here to help you! The Shop of Tools™ features the most cutting edge client assessment and education tools, a full year of done-for-you content (social, emails, events, lives etc.), complete group and individual programs, and proven protocols that assist you with all of your clients’ specific needs.

Here’s the best part: All BNP memberships include lifetime access to The Shop of Tools™, as well as our annual update and new tools during the year. This means members are always up-to-date with absolutely everything they need to win better!

Short on time? We want you to

Stressing about writing a program? Please,

Struggling to create educational materials and protocols?

We created the original, first-of-its-kind Shop of Tools™ so that you could save your time and money by letting us make all of these things (and so much more) done-for-you. Our unique Shop of Tools allows you to put together customized, income-generating programs and proven content that would otherwise cost you time and money (a lot of time and money). Don’t waste time and energy on things that aren’t your specialty. The days of you stressing over learning protocols or trying out different marketing ideas are over. 

“One of the best decisions I made this year

was buying The Better Nutrition Program Shop of Tools.”
Meg Moreta MS, RD, CDE

But as great as The Shop of Tools™ was, you know how we are. 

We’re always aiming for BETTER.

So we IMPROVED & ADDED to it.


The 2021 Shop of Tools now serves as the foundational element of all of our amazing new memberships and includes:


Every single tool you see listed on our preview page has been updated to include the most up-to-date information and research by the industry’s leading experts. 

You know it as well as we do that nutrition is a constantly evolving, ever-growing field. As a practitioner, you can’t afford to be behind the curve. 

  • Dietary Guidelines and references change, so our tools reference points may need to change, too
  • Consumer trends hit, meaning your clients need you to weigh-in
  • New foods, beverages, and supplements arrive meaning you need to assess them as part of your clients’ total nutrition.
  • New research (or new takes on existing research) comes out, so we have our experts share their thoughts

More specifics about the 2020 updates:

  • CBD, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, fasting, and detox
  • Continued confusion about plant-based options, calcium, and magnesium needs
  • Immune health for reference on the importance of personalizing vitamin D recommendations and how to get in enough trace minerals

When you asked for help with even tighter budgets and access to better nutrition challenges, we made sure the Better Nutrition on a Budget guide and tools like our Rainbow evaluation (and really all tools) help you deliver affordable, accessible recommendations. Thank you for being champions for better nutrition at every price point!

Plus, we heard from you and listened! You didn’t want hyperlinks to other BNP tools? Done. You wanted a clear spot on each tool to add your logo? Done and dusted.

With the 2021 Update #ItsHandled

We update and add to The Shop of Tools™ regularly, so you’ll always be one step ahead.


When we hear demand for a specific tool, we honor our BNP community’s requests, and our comprehensive guides help you and your clients communicate on their steps toward better health. We’re thrilled to add these new tools to your arsenal, and are particularly pumped to be introducing more Spanish language versions of some of our favorite tools and evaluations! Get The BNP:

  • Spiked Seltzer Guide
  • “How to Create a Winning Weight Loss Program” Guide
  • Rainbow Evaluation (Spanish)


Our professionally designed programs are proven revenue-generators. Scheduling them into your media and content calendars for 2021 is an easy way to guarantee business wins for you periodically throughout the year.

New BNP Programs:

  • Kids Korner Program
  • Skin Support Program
  • Better Energy Program
  • 6 Week Holiday Survival Program

Check out ALL of the BNP Programs HERE!


Our protocols combine supplement, food, and lifestyle recommendations so you can implement expert advice in highly specific topics and situations. Help is here from The BNP:

  • PMS Protocol
  • Stress Protocol

Check out all of the BNP Protocols HERE!


The beauty of The Shop of Tools™ is that you will always have access to an ever-growing library of resources. Next, we’re working to bring you The BNP:

  • B Vitamins Evaluation
  • Cancer Prevention Evaluation
  • Fertility Evaluation
  • How to Stock a Pantry Full of Better Nutrition Guide


That means you join the ranks of skilled practitioners with a competitive edge and stand out in a sea of competition. Not only is The Shop of Tools™ the first of its kind, it’s completely comprehensive, designed to be an all-in-one system where each tool works together to benefit your practice. That’s why we use it as the basis of all of our membership offerings!

Simply put, our tools are better.

How? The Shop of Tools™

  • Was developed by leading integrative and functional medicine-trained practitioners
  • Is comprised of evidence and practice-based better nutrition & lifestyle interventions
  • Actively engages readers without “giving it all away”
  • Edited and approved by Ashley Koff, RD, a 20+ year integrative nutrition expert
  • Looks beautiful, is interactive, easy to read, and super user-friendly
  • Features a specific location for your logo, making everything easy to customize
  • Provides an edited disclaimer and copyright 
  • Forgoes hyperlinks to other BNP pages to feel more authentic for your brand
  • Comes with answer-key versions to better interpret results & make recommendations

3. The value The Shop of Tools™ adds to your business is exponential.

Some quick math here (that’s always fun, right?)

Not only would creating your own evaluations, guides, programs, and protocols, eat up hours on end of your precious time, but it would cost you a significant amount of money to employ outside sources and get it done right. Why do it all yourself when we’ve done it for you?

“DONE-FOR-YOU” means that YOU don’t spend that money.

That’s right. You might not be a trained research specialist, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing specialist, etc.

But you don’t have to be.

“The Tools provided have afforded me opportunities

for growth in my business with reliable and professional content. The Client Journey was one of the most valuable tools to help me understand how to better serve my clients and put in systems to allow me to grow with confidence and better success. Ashley is truly dedicated to every single one of us, to our success and growth.”
Caroline Sabbah LLL, CNP, NNCP, CNE, CHPC


We mentioned this already, but we so firmly stand behind the The Shop of Tools™ that we made it the foundation of all of our memberships. Our colleagues never get buried under the ins and outs of running a successful nutrition business that don’t necessarily have much to do with… well, nutrition. When you become a member, The Shop of Tools™ is the first thing you get.

(You’re welcome 😉 )

Lifetime access to The Shop of Tools™ is included in all of our BNP memberships to ensure you were getting the most bang for your buck and set you up to win better. 

Still have questions about The Shop of Tools™? Looking to gain your lifetime access to it through a BNP membership, but not sure which one is right for you?

Join Ashley for an hour-long complimentary mentorship session to take a deeper look together at the problems that face your business and figure out which tools and strategies will be your better solutions. 

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