The Power of Better Nutrition Evaluations

Our cutting-edge assessments are game changers. Here’s how you can harness the power of better nutrition evaluations.

In this article you’ll …

  • Learn the easiest, most effective way to do total nutrition assessments
  • Get a better way to attract clients from your different marketing efforts
  • Discover how personalization is your competitive advantage
  • Find out how BNP evaluations empower you with better nutrition knowledge and a proven system for growth at every stage.

You know what you need to know, but …

You are a nutrition professional on a mission to help your clients reach their goals, So you know how crucial it is to do a total nutrition assessment for each client. By “total nutrition” I’m talking about the food, drinks, and supplements your clients are consuming within the context of their lifestyle and any medications they’re taking.  

You also know how tricky it can be to actually conduct these in-depth assessments.

For starters, they take time—and often eat into too much of your sessions with clients, when your top goal is to create a great relationship. I know how tough it is to be present with a client while asking a ton of questions, and how the last thing you want to do is stress out a prospect by sending them pages of paperwork before you even meet. 

Total nutrition assessments also require your clients to be accurate storytellers of what they’re eating, the supplements they take, how much they exercise and sleep, and what meds they’re on—which sounds like it should be cakewalk but can present a lot of challenges for all of you!

Finally, not only do we need this crucial info provided in a total nutrition assessment for an initial session with a client, but we also need to know this info before every session so we can show our clients their progress and identify challenges that need to be addressed. 

Enter The Better Nutrition Program (BNP) Evaluations

In my 20+ years as a registered dietitian, I’ve spent a ton of time refining my questioning process. Creating the Better Nutrition evaluations—first to help me better assess my patients’ starting points and track their progress, and now to help you do the same—changed the game! I could easily get what I need in a streamlined, results-driven way. Without the info that comes from the BNP evaluations, it’s impossible to do the kind of total nutrition assessments that lead to truly personalized advice and care. 

Even better, they’re a proven way to attract more clients.

I’m using the protein and sugar evaluations at a WeWork presentation this week and have added the Digestive one as a baseline for my clients. They add a lot of value to the work I do.”

Susan Lovelle, MD MACM

At the end of the day, these evaluations are why I started The Better Nutrition Program, and I know they will help you on your mission to help your clients. Interested in how they can help you and your business? Read on.

(Click here to watch a short video about three smart ways to use my evaluations!)

Problem: You want to attract more clients and your current tactics aren’t working.

Solution: BNP evaluations make it easy to intrigue prospects about what you offer—and hook them with your better solutions.

Wish there was a way to take everything you’re doing on social media—from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse—and turn it into business leads?

There is! The BNP evaluations are the key to doing just that. I’ll give you a recent example. 

A couple days ago, I did a session about fiber on Clubhouse and referred people to my Instagram, where I showed the BNP fiber evaluation. Then, I prompted everyone to DM or email me for a fiber quiz (everybody loves quizzes!). Almost immediately, the messages started flying in—and I started sending out my fiber evaluation to a load of new prospects. Those potential clients want to know what their answers mean so there’s a really good chance it’ll lead to a discovery call! This works so much better than if I’d sent them an e-book or a set of recipes. 

“I have 121 follow up calls I am making to review caffeine evaluations and get them signed up for an energy program. I wouldn’t be at this point without you and The BNP Toolkit™!”

Ann Sura, ND

Note; I actually sent each person a link to the BNP provider network so they could find a practitioner (BNP member) to review their results and discuss working together. Looking for more clients? Every BNP membership includes your own business listing in our network).

Making the BNP evaluations freebies on your website will inspire prospects to reach out. Think of them like the secret sauce to scoring new clients.  

Problem: It’s easy to say you personalize your nutrition advice—and a lot harder to actually do it.

Solution: BNP evaluations help you strike up a better conversation.

Anyone—whether it’s a doctor, dietitian, or Google search—can spew out answers. But better nutrition businesses do something so much better! We get better client outcomes by personalizing our advice and coaching the people we work with to make their better choices more often. 

The best way to create personalized plans is by thoroughly and consistently evaluating your clients’ total nutrition. And to be clear, assessment is in every practitioner’s scope of practice! The BNP evaluations make it easy for you because there are two versions:

  • The Notes version, which allows you to interpret your clients’ answers and provide personalized recommendations.
  • The Answer Key version, which provides expert insights about what your clients’ answers mean. (You can choose to share this version if it’s not in your scope of practice to offer recommendations.)

BNP evaluations help you hone in on the questions that really matter, like:

  • What does your client’s body need to run better right now?
  • Which foods does she need to eat more often?
  • How does her current health status and medications impact her needs?
  • Why would a supplement be a win?
  • Are any of your client’s supplements making it harder for her body to run better?

“It’s really helpful to use the BNP tools to tweak what my clients are eating so they achieve their weight loss goals. The BNP evaluations help me zero in on what my clients have been missing in their diets so I can help them get back to optimal levels via food. I use the digestive evaluation first, then fiber, water and others as we go through my program.”

— Suzanne Healy, CIHC, FDN-P

The BNP evaluations give you an amazing starting point! They help you immediately shows clients your competitive advantage. You actually personalize nutrition plans based on what’s already working (or not) for each and every one of your clients.

Instantly start offering more personalized nutrition assessments with The Rainbow Evaluation, available for FREE download here.

Problem: It’s hard to get the testimonials you need for better marketing.

Solution: BNP evaluations help you get more (and better!) rave reviews.

We all got into this line of work because we want to help people. Better client outcomes are what we’re after. But when you’re running a business, you probably also think about growing your business—and testimonials are a great way to do this.

Here’s how to get better testimonials. (Bonus: They’ll help you get even better outcomes for your clients, too!) 

  • Before or at the start of a package or program, use a BNP evaluation to set goals and share specific action steps.
  • Each week (or month, depending on what you’re working on) repeat the evaluation and ask your client what’s working—and what’s not.
  • VOILA! You have a testimonial* (or 10).
  • You’ve also got great intel on what worked well, what your clients found most challenging, and what you can do better next time.
  • You have the data you need to adjust your recommendations and suggest new (or even better) next steps that’ll tee you up to continue working together.

Insider advice: Ask a client if you can use a testimonial when she’s excited about her results. When someone provides amazing feedback in one of your BNP evaluations, say something like, “I am so excited for you! Would it be OK for me to feature what you wrote on my website [or newsletter, or other marketing material]?” Then, make any necessary tweaks and share it with your client for final approval. You want to make it as easy as possible for your client to share a rave review! 

And if someone’s really eager? Ask her to record a short video about how working with you has transformed her health. You’d be surprised how many clients are more than happy to send a video message!

Problem: It’s hard to get referrals.

Solution: BNP evaluations help you get more referrals without even trying.

Before I launched The Better Nutrition Program, my nutrition business was almost entirely based on practitioner referrals. Let that really sink in.

When nutrition professionals hear that now, they’re shocked. I get it. It can be hard to get on a doctor’s radar—and to stay there. I got around this issue by becoming a problem-solver for my doctors’ patients, which led to more (and more) referrals.

How’d I do this? I shared my clients’ progress with every referring physician in bulleted feedback emails. I made sure to include any interesting updates on what was working (and not). These notes communicated to them quickly and succinctly showing off my highly-personalized nutrition plans for their patients. Here’s how you can do that too, using the BNP evaluations:

  • Don’t send a lengthy email about your services. Actually, don’t even send a short note outlining what you offer. 
  • Instead, send an email with a BNP evaluation attached. [Saved with your name, logo, and contact info in the notes section]. 
  • Use your note to show the practitioner how you help his or her patients get better health outcomes. 
  • Explain that the attached evaluation makes it easier for the practitioner to refer patients. That the quiz format means their patient is more likely to follow through and connect with you. Who doesn’t want to know what their answers to the BNP evaluations mean?

“The Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation is our new favorite must-have assessment! Digestion can totally make or break how a client feels from day to day. Whether your client wants to lose weight or improve their skin, having better digestion is essential. Use this tool to ask your clients the tough, smart, no-holds-barred questions that’ll help them improve their digestion and nutrition.”

— Tammy and Lyssie RDNs, The Nutrition Twins

Want to get better client outcomes, effortlessly receive testimonials, and get more referrals? Click here to get your BNP evaluations. Want to see more of the tools? Click here to check out the other 100+ tools that make up the proven framework for successful nutrition businesses.