How to use the better nutrition evaluations to grow your business

“Ashley, how can I use better nutrition evaluations to grow my business?”

Your colleagues asked so let me SHOW you the ways. Specifically, 3 ways you can use any evaluation – including the rainbow evaluation which you can download Free here . Prefer to watch to learn? Click here.

Strike up a better conversation.

Anyone – any computer robot, in fact – can spew out answers. But businesses aren’t grown with answers, they grow better with personal recommendations presented as choices that help someone get and stay healthy.

At any stage of your client journey, inviting your client to take a quiz to show them their better choices starts or continues an important conversation. What does their body need to run better, right now?! Offering them a quiz, shows them your competitive advantage – you personalize and do not provide one-size fits all answers.

Pro Tip: get creative by inviting them to take the quiz by quizzing them! You can do something like hey, how many omega 3s are there? And show a bunch of omega 3 rich foods.

Did you know there are 11! Most practitioners do not. We maybe know about EPA and DHA or EPA, DHA, and ALA. BUT 11, wow, that means there are a lot of foods we should be eating and also means if we are taking a  supplement of just EPA or DHA or even just a EPA and DHA or an ALA we aren’t meeting our omega 3 needs without getting in those other 8 or 9 from foods.

So when you present that to them, and they answer the quiz, for the people who get it right, you can say “YAY, that’s awesome, want to see if you are getting all those omega 3s more often? I have a quick quiz if you want to message me or email me, I’ll send it to you and we can set up a time to go over your results”.

Even better? I would put your information in the note section of the practitioner evaluation, and then save the file with your name and you can do something fun or smart in saving in the name of the file, like saying contact or ask Susan if my omega 3 intake is good or better.pdf. This would even remind them when they are downloading that.

And that is the first way to use better nutrition evaluations to grow your business.

Recap: Use the evaluation as an opt in or a lead magnet or as what I like to call it just a conversation starter on that front. That part is a great way to use it, and Go Pro members have a done-for-you email series that you can use to continue that email sequence using the evaluation.

Start & Finish Programs with Evaluations for Better Wins!

Another one of my favorite ways to use an evaluation, is using at the beginning and end of a program. And remember when I say program, it could be a program you are taking an individual on or 20 individuals on.

When they sign up for your program, send them the quiz. This gives them an action to take – yay – which engages them and gets them excited, plus they will want to know what their results mean so they are more likely to show up for the first session.

Example: For Go Pro members – check out the video for Too Hot to Handle program – as we use the omega 3 evaluation in this role (in Digestive Tune Up we use digestive quiz, in Sugar Shakedown we use added sugar quiz and so on).

When you use a quiz at the beginning and at the end you easily Show the participant how they improved and what still needs improvement. AND you also get done-for-you testimonials. For example, if someone moves from weekly to daily, or never to daily intake, that is actually a testimonial.

Before the program I was only getting in omega 3s from a supplement, or from one source, or I didn’t know I could get omega 3s in from broccoli and cauliflower or even from hemp seeds or any of these other sources. And WOW, look at what I am getting in now. It is so easy and yummy to meet my omega 3 goals.”

your program participant

Would you like great testimonials to grow your business?

YES. This is a better way to grow your business. It helps you move that client along on their journey – show them their better next step with you. AND it helps you promote your program offering to others in the future.

Use the better nutrition evaluations to grow your business with referrals

Number 3 is one of my favorite ways to use an evaluation. Use an evaluation to share patient information with another practitioner.

Here’s the scenario: let’s say you are working with a patient who comes to you and you are a health coach or doctor, and the patient was referred by another doctor. The patient came to you to work on their inflammation. You had them fill out the omega 3 quiz to work on their essential fatty acids as part of promoting a healthy inflammatory response. Take what the patient has filled out, (make sure they put their name and date) and in the editable notes section (practitioner version) you can share their results, your recommendations and plan. NOTE: it is very valuable to mention that on follow-up the patient will redo it and you will resend to share their new results.

Whose business gets better when they become invaluable to the practitioner from whom they want future referrals?

YOURS! Using the better nutrition evaluation like this is a great way to set expectations with practitioners that you are consistently assessing patients total nutrition and will share that information to keep them abreast of progress.

Are you using the better nutrition evaluations to grow your business?

If not yet, then it is time for you to join me (Ashley Koff RD) for a live session so we can dive into your business goals and see how our memberships will help you exceed them!