Truly personalized comprehensive health plans, programs and coaching.

Discover what your body needs to run better today and how to make those choices, more often.

Comprehensive Health Plans & Coaching

Do you have a folder of lab test results, a drawer of supplements, a bunch of food recommendations but still do NOT have the better health you crave? Worried about a family history of disease, wonder why you struggle to lose weight, looking to improve your athletic performance? Invest in a comprehensive plan so our clinical team can review your data and assemble a plan designed just for you, today!*

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Personalized Programs with Coaching

In BNP Programs™ our experts team up with you to help you identify your better choices, as you work live with your coach to make these choices, more often. No one-sized fits anyone plans here! You are the main ingredient in building a recipe for your optimal health. Programs include access to content for a full year AND 30 days of 1:1 coaching after you complete your program.*

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Personalized Coaching with Clinical Support

Knowing what you should do doesn’t get us healthy. Work with your coach in live sessions and get unlimited support for the accountability and real-time feedback needed to make your better choices, more often. The bonus of coaching is that you (and our clinical team) discover what won’t work too. Move on from “should’s” so you don’t waste time or resources.*

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*Includes access to live group sessions with our experts, a complete toolkit of resources to help you personalize your nutrition and lifestyle choices (menus, evaluations, protocols and guides), recipes, discounts on supplements and add-on option for lab tests.

Comprehensive Health Plans

We synthesize all your data and develop a truly personalized plan to help you reach your goals. Then partner you with your coach for live sessions and unlimited messaging, real-time clinical team support and tools to help you implement your plan and evaluate its success. We then adjust recommendations to continue to optimize your plan and results!

Image of a comprehensive health plan: App at the center, surrounded by pieces for exercise, nutrition, labs, and DNA analysis

Your Comprehensive Health Plan™

Empower yourself with a health plan that’s driven by the data encoded in your DNA and designed to fit into the lifestyle you’re living and looking to create. We synthesize the data from your labs, 3X4 Genetics test, your choices and key health insights into an actionable, attainable plan. While your genes do not dictate your health, they do inform on how you. are designed so we get the insights needed to help you identify the easiest, most efficient roadmap to better health.

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the building blocks of your comprehensive health plan for VIPs

VIP Personalized Health Plan™

Prepare for a wellness experience like no other with our VIP Comprehensive Health Plan. With this package, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued member of our health community. Enjoy personalized health assessments, dedicated coaching, customized exercise and nutrition plans, advanced lab insights, and DNA analysis. What sets us apart is the exclusive one-on-one time you’ll have with our esteemed BNP clinical team, ensuring you receive the highest level of care. Prioritize your well-being today and embark on this transformative journey to better health and happiness.

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Athletic Performance Optimizer Plan™

Got performance goals? Entrust our experts to evaluate all your data – your current choices, health, and your body’s needs – to develop a personalized athletic performance optimizer plan. Packed with clear, better next steps, your plan will ensure you improve your on and off the field performance. Then, get started implementing your plan with one of our incredible coaches – and the support of our clinical team.

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BNP Programs™

Truly Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Programs with Live Coaching, Clinical Team Support & Resources

BNP Coaching™

Go from knowing what to do to making your better choices, more often with the support and accountability of a coach for both live sessions and unlimited messaging. Includes access to our clinical team live group sessions and a toolkit of resources and library of videos.

Basic Coaching Package

60 minutes/month + unlimited messaging

Message coach anytime for advice and support

Ideal for those that do better with frequent messaging and just want to use their live coaching sessions for check-ins or to troubleshoot an issue 



Standard Coaching Package

120 minutes/month + unlimited messaging

Message coach anytime for advice and support

Great option for those who like to talk through their plan and progress in detail regularly



Premium Coaching Package

240 minutes/month + unlimited messaging

Best for those who struggle to stay on plan, stay motivated, and stick to their practitioner’s recommendations. 

Also perfect for those who want 1:1 support every step of the way



All pricing is listed as retail pricing, to find out wholesale price please sign up to become a preferred practitioner

What Our Program Participants Have to Say

Are you getting in a rainbow most days?

Your body needs every better nutrition color to run better.

While you've likely heard the sage advice to "eat a rainbow" have you ever stopped to see if your choices add up to a better nutrition rainbow (includes white and brown) most days? It's the only way to get to the pot of gold - better health - we all really want.


See what your body may need to run better. There could be color(s) you are missing, or you may need more variety in one color group. Grab your quiz below!

The Recipe for Success

71% of people are more likely to stick with and complete a program and succeed if they have support and someone to hold them accountable.

We want you to succeed, and we’re ready to cheer you on every step of the way.

That’s the BNP difference.

All of our programs include 1:1 personalized nutrition coaching sessions, live group sessions with nationally renowned nutrition experts, and unlimited messaging with your coach.

If you’ve been thinking, “I’ve tried this before,” think again. Our proven formula combines personalized nutrition education with experiments that reveal what your body needs AND adds a coach to help you make better choices, on repeat. And when something isn't better or life shifts your body's needs, we help you pivot in real-time with support and deliciously doable options. We are here to help you get more wins!

Looking for some Better Recipes to add to your mealtime arsenal?

Check out our Recipes page for delicious and nutritious eats and treats.