Personalized Nutrition Solutions for Practitioners

Discover the tools and programs that make it easier and more profitable to get better patient outcomes!

BNP Programs™

  • Work as an extension of your practice – no need to outsource nutrition services & lose revenue / control over patient outcomes.
  • Developed by leading personalized nutrition experts
  • Include coaching sessions & messaging to drive better outcomes
  • We implement your recommendations
  • Wholesale from us; you set your retail price (or include as part of a package)
  • Perfect adjunct to lab testing & supplement recommendations
  • Every other week group live sessions with Ashley Koff RD & The BNP Clinical Team™
  • Final report details progress, results & better next steps.

The BNP Toolkit™

  • Attract & retain patients with personalized nutrition tools
  • Show patients how their current nutrition does not meet their needs
  • Show them their better choices
  • White-label with your logo
  • Done-for-you patient education & marketing content
  • Use tools to reassess which drives ongoing client retention
  • Easily generate discovery calls & referrals using the tools.
  • Tools complement labs & supplement recommendations truly personalized assessment & recommendations
  • Available in popular practice management systems

The BNP Membership™

  • Get a new BNP tool each month
  • Live group sessions 2 times monthly
  • Access the massive video library for content to support all aspects of your practice
  • Get tool(s) updates as they happen
  • Member exclusive benefits
  • Pay as you go monthly, no locked in annual fee

What is so nice about The BNP Toolkit™ is how easily you can use the tools to personalize your recommendations for your clients. There is such a wide variety or tools that you can find a tool for any patient you may have!

– Meg Moreta MS RD CDE

I feel like I have the confidence to move forward with clients with the support of The BNP Toolkit™. Instead of spending hours upon hours of creating content and programs, I can create them around the toolkits evaluations and sessments while also providing the necessary information that is course topic specific.”

– Meg Reichert, MS, NBC-HWC

I have a lot of marketing experience, but I was procrastinating for 2 years to get online due to self-doubt and all the tech stuff. Just one call with Ashley and The BNP Toolkit™ gave me what I needed to launch online. I highly recommend BNP for any practitioner.

– Wendimere Reilly RDN, LDN

Meet Ashley Koff, RD

“Ashley is an instrumental player in the field of nutrition. I trust she will no doubt transform the industry; she sets the bar for what it means to be an influential and responsible leader in health and wellness.”

-Dr. Andrew Weil, Physician, Speaker, Author

Ashley Koff RD

An award-winning nutrition expert, Ashley helps lead the national conversation on better nutrition as a speaker, author, media and industry expert. Selected among CNN’s Top 100 health makers, recognized in the Top 10 Social Health Makers in Nutrition ( and among the top “50 Natural Influencers” in health and nutrition to follow on Twitter (NewHope360 and, Koff was also selected for the first list of Top 10 Registered Dietitians in the US by Today’s Dietitian Magazine.

Beyond running a thriving integrative nutrition practice working with top entertainment and national leaders, Koff’s a highly sought after strategic nutrition consultant for companies like Procter & Gamble, Califia Farms, Nature’s Path, Westin, SmartyPants and was appointed the California state representative for the Let’s Move campaign. She’s currently an advisor for Victress Capital, the Partnership for a Healthier America and Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition’s Entrepreneurship Program and a partner at BeyondBrands.

At every stage, when Ashley’s business needed solutions, she sought expert counsel, resources and created tools that helped her scale growth, profitably.

Today, Ashley makes these resources and her expertise that’s made her one of the most successful nutrition business owners in the country available to you!

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