Better health begins with better nutrition. 

You deserve personalized, evidence-based programs, custom tailored to meet individual
needs and goals. Every user-friendly program is supported by a knowledgeable health coach. 

Who We Serve


You want to be as healthy as possible. You also know that optimizing nutrition is a key piece of the puzzle. Our uniquely personalized nutrition programs include evidence-based insights and 1:1 coaching support to help you turn what you learn into habits that work in your everyday life.


You know nutrition is a critical factor in your patients’ well-being, but there’s no bandwidth to develop a comprehensive program in your practice. We offer a full-slate of evidence-based, fully-supported personalized nutrition programs, so your patients achieve better overall health outcomes.

Nutrition Professionals

You are the embodiment of personalized nutrition for your patients. Our evidence-based personalized nutrition tools give you the power to streamline evaluation, education, and guidance so you can reduce hours spent on repetitive work and spend more time with your patients.

Health Coaches

Your title says it all: your work is helping your clients optimize health. Our evidence-based resources, programs, and tools, give you powerful means to provide the personalized support that drives better client outcomes. PS: As a coach, you can also apply to work with BNP.


You know nutrition is a critical factor in health outcomes. To establish an effective program for employees, customers of your digital health business, or your practice looking to scale digitally, you need tools that can be deployed at enterprise scale. We craft evidence-based, personalized solutions.

What We Offer

The BNP Toolkit™

This full-service Toolkit includes everything you need to offer personalized nutrition guidance, build meal plans, track progress, and more. With nutrition evaluations, guides, menus, digital planning tools, tracking journals, and more—you can offer amazing personal nutrition services that are science- and outcome-backed.

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fruits and vegetables to show that the better nutrition programs help people discover personalized nutrition choices like a rainbow or plant-based eating

BNP Programs™

Help patients successfully move from recommendations to implementation. Each program features 1:1 live coaching sessions and unlimited messaging, educational content, progress trackers, and live group sessions. With topic-specific programs related to digestion, hydration, weight management, and more, users can tackle their health challenges and make long-term changes.

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a woman coach smiling into the computer to show that BNP coaching offers virtual sessions where the coach talks into the computer with the client

BNP Coaching™

Overseen by the BNP Clinical Team™, our top-notch coaching staff provides personal support to our clients—helping patients implement their nutrition programs, providing feedback and guidance, and celebrating success.

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A woman leading a program to show that BNP Enterprise offers white label content, live and virtual programs and app- based solutions as well as coaches

Enterprise Solutions

Businesses can leverage the full suite of BNP customized personalized nutrition solutions with our enterprise licensing, white labeling, and customized content development offerings.

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What is Better Nutrition?

Ashley Koff RD

Meet Ashley Koff, RD

An award-winning nutrition expert, Ashley helps lead the national conversation on better nutrition as a speaker, author, media and industry expert.

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