Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and Review

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Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can be a great tool but only if used better.  While it can be fun to see your data, you are likely not trained to assess it fully. Too often, people are using CGMs to make assumptions about their food choices in that moment. There are 40+ factors that impact your blood sugar and only 10 of them are food!

What’s better? Getting real-time data and a clinical nutrition expert who reviews, interprets and as indicated provides experiments to help you gather additional data about how your body and blood sugar are responding to your choices.

Meet the Dynamic Duo leading practitioners, businesses and self-motivated health optimizers are investing in:  Continuous Glucose Monitoring with The BNP Clinical Team™.

Invest in the system that tells you how your current choices – and the choices you make while experimenting – impact your blood sugar and overall health. When you invest, you will wear a continuous glucose monitor sensor for 14 days, share data with our team of experts, easily track your choices and get real-time feedback plus a final set of observations and recommendations you can use to make your better next step(s) and share with your healthcare provider. Don’t invest in continuous glucose monitoring with anything less than a truly personalized system!

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