Practitioners Discover How to Use Better Nutrition Assessment Tools

Why are these tools better?

Effectively assess current total nutrition.

Improve compliance by identifying doable options for each patient.

Complement lab, biometric, and other test results for most complete patient profile.

Personalize health recommendations for every client.

Developed in collaboration with and vetted by leading better nutrition experts.

Our tools do not promote any specific diet.

Tools to assess, tools to implement, tools to track for better outcomes.

Get a Case Study to see how the tools work

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“The better digestive nutrition tools are very easy for my client to fill out. As a result, she sent it back to me quickly and we were able to get moving forward with her recommendations. The thing I like about it is the way the questions are sub-categorized, which makes it easy to evaluate.”
Denise Lalonde RHN CPT
OWNER – Denise Lalonde

“The Better Nutrition Program Tools are like an updated Nutrition Care Manual. We all can use that for our patients and businesses!”
Erica Drewry CEDRD, RDN, LD
OWNER – Aligned Nutrition

Get even better results using our tools:

  • As Intake Forms for Better Preparation (yours and theirs).
  • During session(s) to gather data & identify their better next step(s).
  • Seamlessly use Better Nutrition Assessment tools with your Practice Better account.
  • Ready-made Lead Magnets for site opt-ins, social media, and at events to get more potential clients.
  • To Generate Repeat Business, Follow-Ups, Referrals
  • So we can refer and promote your business; purchase The Shop to join our Better Nutrition Provider Referral Network
  • For guidance on when supplements may be helpful or not for patients based on their total nutrition intake.
  • As Promotional & In-Office Waiting Room Materials
better nutrition provider
“I could not find a good way to assess my clients total magnesium intake and needs. Until the Better Nutrition Magnesium Evaluation!”
Lori Koors
Seeds of Change Nutrition
““I am loving the evaluation forms and using them with my clients. They are loving them!”
Kathy Kreis
Fired Up Wellness

What are Better Nutrition Assessment Tools?

Better Nutrition Evaluations (Quizzes)

Introducing first and only total nutrition assessment tools!
Today, there are many ways your clients get in nutrients – each better nutrition quiz evaluates them all, in one place, so you have the whole picture. Create better client recommendations based on their needs and what’s doable for them.

*When you buy evaluations you are eligible for our Better Nutrition Provider Network so we can refer your business! 

Better Nutrition Evaluations (Quizzes)

Better Nutrition Menus

Help your clients discover how deliciously easy it is to make better food choices that meet their nutrient needs and personal preferences. Menus are meant to be adjusted based on a person’s lifestyle, favorites, and other nutrient sources each day (like supplements).

Better Nutrition Menus

Better Nutrition Guides

Help jumpstart better choices based on your client’s specific needs and goals. Each guide tackles one topic, diving into what typically confuses or keeps people from making better nutrition choices more often. You can purchase, download and use (just don’t edit or resell, please).

Better Nutrition Guides

Better Nutrition Assessment Tools Featured In:

Why did an award-winning better nutrition expert create The Better Nutrition Program?

Ashley Koff RD

CEO, Better Health Enabler

She discovered better nutrition, the importance of assessing not guessing what her body needs to run better, and learned to build her better nutrition plan to finally get her better health results.

“Better nutrition changed my life and powers my successful career as a healthcare provider. I am thrilled to share these tools to help you get the same results!”

Want to learn more about how you can use better nutrition tools in your business? Sign up for a 15-min call with Ashley Koff RD.