19 awesome ways practitioners win with better nutrition tools

FACT: Practitioners win with better nutrition tools.

We created better nutrition assessment tools to help you and your patients win more often. Here are our FAQs and top tips to help you use them for more wins.

How do I use the tools to win with new clients?

Can I use the tools to win with existing clients?

  • For better tracking (The Better Nutrition Journal)
  • Improving engagement between sessions
  • Developing an ongoing connection with your client
  • Reconnecting with a client you saw before you had these tools
  • Engaging with clients you previously worked with on their digestion, cholesterol, body composition, sleep, pain or other health goals. Are they enjoying better health or could they use a tune-up with you?

“The Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation is our new favorite must-have assessment tool in our nutrition practice! When we first heard about this one, we knew we had to incorporate it – digestion can totally make or break how a client feels from day to day. Whether your client wishes to lose weight or improve their skin, having better digestion is essential. Use this tool to ask your clients the tough, smart and no holds barred questions to get at the core and help them to improve their digestion and nutrition.”  

Tammy and Lyssie, The Nutrition Twins

How can I add my branding to different tools?

You may add your branding to the tools as long as you don’t indirectly or directly infer a role in development. You may not edit or cover up existing logos. In all instances, if you are using an external printer you likely need our permission so just email hello@thebetternutritionprogram.com Here are acceptable examples of how you can create approved co-branded tools:

  • Laminate a tool and add a sticker with your logo and contact information. We suggest having the lamination extend outside the tool to give you additional room. Strategically place the sticker over a little of the content but not The Better Nutrition Program logo or the name of a product or expert included in the development or recommendations.
  • Take a screen shot of a tool and add a virtual “sticker” with your logo and contact information. We suggest trying a free digital service like Canva.com and can provide an example for you. Strategically place the sticker over a little of the content but not The Better Nutrition Program logo or the name of a product or expert included in the development or recommendations.
  • Add your own business information to a tool to provide contact information by editing the PDF per this video. Do not remove or cover-up existing content.
  • Connect with us to print the hard copy tools – The Better Nutrition Journal and The Better Nutrition Plan – with your logo and approved additional content for your business use and promotion.
  • Screen grab tools to use in an online course or talk for which you’ve received written permission from The Better Nutrition Program to present or sell. Post the screen shot of the tool on a slide and then add your logo to the slide as well.

How can I use the tools on my website?

  • Create an opt-in or a multiple opt-in where you ask a compelling question.
  • Offer to send them a tool for FREE if they provide their email.
  • Multiple opt-ins may help you get more specific about what someone wants from you.
    • For example, “do you want help with a plant-based diet OR do you want help with your sleep?”Depending on the box they check they get a different tool from you.

How do I use the menus?

These are NOT meal plans. They are tools to help you build their better meal plan. Have them review the menu to tell you what sounds good, what they want to try, and in the case of nutrients look to see how that will help them reach their goal that day. This can help you determine your supplement recommendations (if appropriate within your scope) or mention they should discuss that with their other practitioner.

How do I get added to The Better Nutrition Program Provider Referral Network?

When you purchase any evaluation, or The BNP Toolkit™, and/or collaborate to develop or vet a tool you can apply. The application process is very simple but critical for us to maintain the caliber of our referral network for potential clients and companies seeking quality practitioners.

How many patients can I use the tools with?

Unlimited. You purchase them once; you use them as often as you like.

The evaluations have recommendations, do I have to follow those?

Nope. You are the expert for your client, these are for guidance; can tell your client “ignore those because you pay me to develop your personalized recommendations.”

For practitioners who own The BNP Toolkit™, you get a set of evaluations that do NOT have the recommendations but do include an editable notes section for you and your clients to share additional information (including any of your affiliate links or promotions).

Do the tools work with my Fullscript account?

You bet! And it is really easy to use them to create TOTAL nutrition recommendations. Here’s how.

One of the best decisions I made this year was buying The BNP Toolkit™.  The tools are beautiful and amazing! I’m really enjoying your weekly “office hours” and being a part of the Provider Referral Network. 

Meg Moreta MS RD CDE

How can I use the tools to promote my services?

These tools (and you) add so much value so we want to help you brag about yourself!  

  • Explain that using better nutrition assessment tools (and any others) helps you figure out what their body really needs.
    • This confirms you as an expert who develops personalized nutrition plans or who provides insights about their current total nutrition.
  • Give a better picture of your services to entice them:
    • Describe the specifics of each session you will offer. For each session explore a common pain point or goal.
    • For example, “in session one we use the digestive assessment to see … in session three we look at the nutrients your cells need to optimize your stress response.”

Can I use better nutrition tools to get referrals from other practitioners?

You know the power of having a more complete picture of your client’s current nutrition. Sharing that your services include that capability – that you offer total nutrition assessment (if appropriate as a nutrition practitioner) or overall health assessment (likely better for non-nutrition practitioners) – will make your services more valuable to them too. You should consider all of the following:

  • Make time to walk them through how you use the tools as part of your client assessment – both initial and ongoing.  
  • Share your mutual client assessment results via email or mail. Host a workshop for their office and take them through the assessment for themselves to show how you can work collaboratively.
  • Discuss collaboration with new and existing patients for programs that use the tools like a Stress Check Up or Digestive Tune Up.
  • Share this link so they can get the quick video (17 minutes) where Ashley Koff RD explains how the tools work better for practitioners and their patients.
  • Become an affiliate so that you make 50% of all sales of better nutrition tools to other practitioners and clients.
    • You also get your own unique 20% off code.  Learn more here.
    • If just one practitioner buys The BNP Toolkit™ you make ~$675 (depends on current price and if they use any discount codes).

What order do you recommend using the tools?

You are the expert and you know or will get to know your new client better so use your instinct first. However, we created a few ways to help guide you:

  • Review your client’s answers and the expert recommendations at the conclusion of each evaluation or within the guides.
    • Make a list of the different recommendations that apply to your client and then create a roadmap based on answering the following questions:
      • Do I need more information about my client’s nutrition or health before I can make a recommendation? Here you likely need to use another evaluation or complement your nutrition assessment with other tools.
      • Am I qualified within my scope of practice to make a non-food nutrient recommendation (supplement, medication)?
        • If yes, review the expert advice in the tools you have for guidance.
        • If no, consider sharing menus and guides, connecting with one of our Provider Referral Network members to collaborate on your client’s nutrition and health plan, or making an outright referral to them. This may seem like you lose business, but it is a great way for you to get future business from them!
  • Check out the packages in the shop on the site as they show the tools we find useful for specific conditions.
  • Review our blogs for guidance on which tools help you assess and develop protocols for specific conditions and nutrients.
  • Watch or request our webinars to get guidance from Ashley Koff RD on how to use the tools for better nutrition assessments.

Can I post these tools on social media?

You bet! They are strategic marketing tools as well as better nutrition assessment tools. We allow posting – not of the entire tool – and suggest that you do so to generate ROI. What do we mean by that? Don’t use the tools to get likes or followers, use the tools to get emails and signups for your programs or your initial calls etc.

  • Tell someone you have a quiz to help them see if they are getting enough potassium which is needed for better skin, better digestion, better body composition etc.
  • Ask them to (1) DM their email (2) head to your site to enter get the tool (requires a landing page where they enter their email to get the tool) (3) text a lead digit to get the tool (requires a system set up for texting).
  • Create a contest to give away a tool and a free session to one lucky winner. You can surprise those that participate but don’t win by sending them a tool too.

Can I share the tools in my newsletter?

Yes BUT since you already have their email, you want to think about what just sharing the tool will do for you and for them – always think about mutual benefit, after all, this is your business!

  • Consider describing the tool and/or share an image or two to get them reply to you for a Quick Start (15 min for free or low fee) or full session package. You can use the language we have on the site if you need help.
  • Share a case study of how you use tools to help them give you all the information you need to personalize their nutrition plan. Help them understand why you are a better investment than Dr Google, a DIY online supplement quiz, or a genetic testing kit alone.

How do you use the tools at events and speaking engagements?

Depending on the type of interaction you will have, any of these or several of them could be better:

  • Get emails by offering them a tool for their email
    • Add this offer across the bottom of your slides
    • Share it during your Q+A
    • Present it early on as a Special Offer to entice them to stay with you through your presentation.
  • Create a binder of laminated tools for them to flip through. Walk them through using a tool as part of your presentation.
  • Laminate a tool with your logo and contact information to pass around while you speak.
  • Create cards that have an image of the tool(s) with a grabby headline “Does your nutrition give your body enough of the mineral it needs to turn off stress in your cells?”

How do I share evaluations with clients so they can edit and send their results back to me?

Attach and send the evaluation PDFs via email or upload it to your patient materials for them to download (Healthie, Practice Better). Then have them:

  • Fill it out and then take a screenshot (which automatically provides the date) and email that to you.
  • Print, fill out, scan and send, bring in or mail to you.
  • Open in Safari, checking boxes and adding edits, then saving and sending back to you. We recommend you have them save with their initials or a keyword you share as well as the date they complete the evaluation. You likely want to repeat the assessment with them at a later date so having the date is helpful for your work with them as well as for records (yours, other practitioners with whom you share the content). NOTE: this only works in Safari [Watch Video].

Is there a better way to print the journal?

No. If you bought the digital journal or The BNP Toolkit™ you got the digital tool. You can buy a hard copy, You can also suggest your client buy a hard copy (sign up as an affiliate if you do that). Connect with us to create the hard copy with your branding to sell.

Can I sell the tools to my patients or the public?

Yes, you can submit to join us as an affiliate.

What if my patient speaks another language?

We are currently working with bi-lingual practitioners to help us develop better nutrition tools in other languages. Please email hello@thebetternutritionprogram.com if you would like to collaborate with us. In the meantime, you can translate as you go to ask the questions or share the content from tools.

What if I found a typo or my client finds a phrase confusing or something just seems wrong?

THANK YOU! Please send us an email hello@thebetternutritionprogram.com