The Better Nutrition Journal (Hard Copy)


Track better with The Better Nutrition Journal
Use this journal to track your total nutrition – food, beverages, supplements – lifestyle choices, and mood to see what is already better (keep doing that!) and what could be better.
How long can I use this journal?
There is no perfect day, and no typical week, so the journal includes four weeks worth of days to help you track on the typical, not-so typical, and play days you have each week.
How do you use the journal?
You do you, better. For some that means tracking each morning for the day before, for others it means doing it as you go along, and for others it is an after dinner ritual. Tracking is the most effective way to create better habits.
Why should I get the hard copy instead of the digital?
Because you like to write by hand, or you want to bring it in to get a sticker, or because you love having something to do that is not on your phone, tablet or computer.
Should I get the bundle instead?
We think so. The Better Nutrition Journal pairs better with The Better Nutrition Plan that’s why you save when you get them together. You deserve better!


What is The Better Nutrition Journal hard copy?

The Better Nutrition journal hard copy is a tool to track your current choices to see what is better and help you easily identify your better next steps. Tracking (aka ‘food journal’) is the number one behavior amongst people who’ve succeeded in creating healthy habits. But not all food journals are better.

Why is The Better Nutrition Journal better?

A lot of journals are either blank pages or they have you track calories and macros. While those might be helpful, they aren’t what you need to get better health results. The Better Nutrition Journal helps you track the 4 pillars of better nutrition along with your mood and activity. This helps you and your practitioners identify your better next steps.