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Why Buy Better Nutrition Shop?

There are at least 19 ways you win when you buy the whole shop of tools. Here are just a few:

  • Get over 20 Practitioner Evaluations. This version removes all promotions and recommendations while adding an editable notes section for your recommendations and promotions.
  • Over 100+ evaluations, menus, guides developed and vetted by leading Better Nutrition Experts.
  • All 2020 tools updates including the full shop annual update (Q4) when you get a new set of tools!
  • Access for you and 5 clients / prospects FREE to our 2020 programs (The Digestive Tune Up, The Sugar Shakedown, Be Heart Healthy etc.) & behind-the-scenes coaching with Ashley Koff RD, plus the slides to customize & use!
  • A private training session with Ashley Koff RD to identify your specific business wins using the tools
  • Your purchase includes a FREE digital copy of The Better Nutrition Plan + The Better Nutrition Journal as well as The Better Nutrition Business Tools
  • Get a full-stocked (with BNP expert favorites), ready to revenue generate and optimize outcomes, Supplement Store for your business.

One of the best decisions I made this year was buying The Better Nutrition Program Shop of Tools.  The tools are beautiful and amazing! I’m really enjoying your weekly “office hours” and being a part of the Provider Referral Network.  – Meg Moreta MS RD CDE

Why Better Nutrition Tools?

When you have better nutrition assessment tools, you get a more complete profile. Better data helps you create better recommendations for your clients. The tools work with other assessments like lab work, biometrics, genetic and digestive testing.

How Can You Use Better Nutrition Tools?

As a practitioner you can use tools as intake forms, laminate them to share at events or in your office, and use as lead magnets offline to generate more business. You can also use them to learn about total nutrition assessment from leading experts in their fields. Learn more here.



Why Buy The Better Nutrition Assessment Tools Shop?

Wondering if it’s better for you? The better nutrition assessment tools shop is a one time business investment for every patient.  Invest in helping your business and your clients reach their personal health goals powered by better nutrition. When you buy the shop, it provides you all the tools you need to assess each client at the different stages of their journey to better health.

What Makes These Tools Better?

The Better Nutrition Assessment Tools Shop features tools developed by practitioners for you and your patients. They are the only ones that assess total nutrition – foods, supplements, beverages – and health and lifestyle factors. You need to know what goes in and on their body most often, along with what they are avoiding, in order to make their personalized health plan.

What could be better than one better nutrition tool?

All of them. Because it costs less when you buy The Better Nutrition Assessment Tools Shop.  Not only do you save money but you are eligible for our Better Nutrition Provider Referral Network.  You also get an individual session with founder, Ashley Koff RD to discuss how to optimize your business with our tools.