How to Choose the Best Diet

Is ________ the best diet for me?

Trying to get and stay healthy is a full time job that requires the best diet, right? Wrong. Yes, your health reflects whether your body has what it needs to run optimally and isn’t burdened by things that challenge it. But the reality is there is no “best” diet. There is better nutrition, and it’s personal. That means that the best diet for you, today, is going to be different than your bestie’s and will need to evolve as your body goes through different seasons and life stages. Thus, you need your better nutrition plan which is a roadmap not a diet, that continues to evolve as you do. Keep reading if you want to know how to determine, what your better diet looks like today. But first, let’s start with what’s not better and why. 

What’s not better: the best diet losers.

Here’s a look at three of the main nutrition “tools” we have today, and why they aren’t better for your body. 

1. MyPlate:

The USDA’s recommendation for what to eat in a single eating occasion contradicts itself: water over sugary drinks (good) but then there’s the glass for dairy symbol at each ‘plate.’ Dairy is made from milk sugar and other nutrients. It is a food, not a food group. It is not a food that someone needs with every plate or any plate for that matter. Let’s not even discuss that many school interpretations of that glass of milk is chocolate or other flavors. So the better plate would have a glass of water with it, not milk. Another challenge with MyPlate is that it doesn’t recognize that some plant foods provide proteins and carbohydrates, where some animal foods provide proteins and fats. Grade: We give it a C- for personalization and usefulness in helping you achieve better nutrition. 

2. Percentages & Equations:

Macro percentages for the day, protein amounts based solely off your weight, daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet, and recommended daily allowances (RDAs) which are designed as minimums to prevent severe disease – these numbers are anything but helpful. True, our  bodies need the same basic nutrients but everybody uses them at different paces, and even starts with different amounts needed so these percents and equations won’t get you closer to what your body actually needs. Grade: we give these a C+ for usefulness in helping design your better nutrition plan. 

3. Specific Diet Plans:

Keto, Whole30, Vegan, FODMAP (just to name a few) all take the media by storm, and help launch new food trends. But, alone, none of them will  give your body what it needs to run better. They could IF they are personalized to your body’s needs. If you choose to follow one, you will want to ensure initial and routine assessment to personalize it so it’s the best diet for your body. Grade: we give these a C+ noting that with the right efforts they can become your B, better nutrition, plan. 

best diet personalized with names

Choosing the best diet made easy.

If you are reading along and nodding your head saying “no wonder none of these diets have worked for me” you are spot on! We need to create the better nutrition plan for you. And the following questions help you do exactly that – use them to get started right now!

  • Total nutrition: your better nutrition plan needs to be viewed in total so any supplements or food fortifications need to be evaluated together. Eating calcium-rich foods, yay! But how much are you adding from your supplements or do you have a protein powder or a smoothie that has added calcium too? Do you take an antacid regularly with calcium too? Too much calcium isn’t a win, we want to help you get an optimal level.
  • Avoid irritants: food and supplement quality is important – we should all aim to be qualitarians (prioritize quality) so our bodies get what they need to run better without lots of what irritates. Some irritants are personal so it’s important to identify them BUT if your digestive system is irritated it’s likely to show that most of what you consume today is an irritant. Don’t test before you Tune Up your digestion with our 30 Day program.
  • Optimize blood sugar: only 10 of the 40+ factors that impact your blood sugar are food-related so while your nutrition is really important, so are your lifestyle choices. Your nutrition plan needs to be built around supporting better lifestyle choices and habits that optimize blood sugar. We do that by evaluating your time in range (blood sugar) with a continuous glucose monitor and our experts evaluating your choices to help you optimize your levels. Read here to learn more about that process and it’s value in developing the best diet for you!
  • Better be delicious: nothing can be the best diet if it’s not delivering you deliciously doable choices on repeat. If something isn’t delicious, it won’t satisfy and that leads to overeating/drinking as well as not sticking with a choice no matter how healthy it supposedly is for you. Our coaches work to help ensure you discover deliciousness as part of any nutrition plan you follow.

Meet BNP Programs™ and BNP Coaching™ your best diet plan personalized support team! 

What makes our programs so different? You! You are the most important ingredient in our programs and coaching packages as we help you create your better plan.

To win at health consistently, your body needs better nutrition. And you need and deserve a team that will help you identify and make your better choices more often.  Join the hundreds who are saying yes to it being easier to get and stay healthy powered by your better nutrition!

Explore the BNP Program™ to see which one aligns with your goal(s) today or sign up for a coaching package if your practitioner has already given you a nutrition plan and you need help making it deliciously doable.

You Deserve Better!

Need more help personalizing your choice, contact us, we want to help you get your better health today!

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