Look & Feel Better.

Tired of wasting time, money and effort trying to get and stay healthy? To get lasting results, you need to discover what’s better for your body, today and help to make those choices doable, more often. That’s called personalized nutrition. That’s what everyone is selling, but what BNP actually delivers. Check out our programs, coaching & personalized nutrition roadmaps below.

BNP Programs™ & Resources

BNP Programs™ and BNP Coaching™ packages feature evidence- and practice-based content, experiments and customizable nutrition plans. We pair these with a board-certified coach who guides and supports you and a clinical team relentless in helping you discover your body’s needs. Search for your better next step or chat us to get help from a human to make your better choice.

Note: programs differ in length and number of sessions, but all include access to your content and discounts like 20% off practitioner-grade supplements for a full year.

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The Recipe for Success

71% of people are more likely to stick with and complete a program and succeed if they have support and someone to hold them accountable.

We want you to succeed, and we’re ready to cheer you on every step of the way.

That’s the BNP difference.

All of our programs include 1:1 personalized nutrition coaching sessions, live group sessions with nationally renowned nutrition experts, and unlimited messaging with your coach.

If you’ve been thinking, “I’ve tried this before,” think again. Our proven formula combines personalized nutrition education with experiments that reveal what your body needs AND adds a coach to help you make better choices, on repeat. And when something isn’t better or life shifts your body’s needs, we help you pivot in real-time with support and deliciously doable options. We are here to help you get more wins!

What Our Program Participants Have to Say

Are You Giving Your Body a Pot of Gold?

Your body needs every better nutrition color to run better.

While you've likely heard the sage advice to "eat a rainbow" have you ever stopped to see if your choices add up to a better nutrition rainbow (includes white and brown) most days? It's the only way to get to the pot of gold - better health - we all really want.


See what your body may need to run better. There could be color(s) you are missing, or you may need more variety in one color group. Grab your quiz below!

Looking for some Better Recipes to add to your mealtime arsenal?

Check out our Recipes page for delicious and nutritious eats and treats.