3 Beauty From Within Nutrition Tips

You know that to look great you need beauty from within nutrition. We want you to look and feel beautiful but we also want you to have the better health you deserve! Neither you nor your body should have to choose. To achieve that glowing, clear complexion and feel better within we need to focus on both what goes in the body and on the body most often.

Better Beauty Begins Within

Better digestion: they don’t call the gut your “second brain” for nothing. The gut microbiome, which consists of over 100 trillion bacteria, affects everything from skin health to hormone balance and energy levels. Believe it or not, deep within your stomach is a whole separate nervous system called the enteric nervous system (ENS) and while its main purpose is to regulate digestion, it also has a strong connection to the brain and other pathways that regulate inflammation and hormonal balance.

Is your skin sending you signals that you need beauty from within nutrition help? Your skin is the way your body tells you what’s going on inside so don’t avoid signals like acne, dryness or dullness. Grab the Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation and consider The Better Nutrition Digestive Tune-Up for an easy way to assess your current digestive health.

  • Pro tip: Whether it’s eating probiotic-rich food such as kimchi or kefir, taking a quality probiotic supplement or topically applying products that promote good bacteria your quest for better beauty should begin in the gut.
  • Medicate better: Many medications for skin including birth control can negatively impact your digestion and make it harder to have healthy skin later on. Consider a digestive tune-up before, or along with medications, and discuss options that may be better long-term.
  • Collagen Conundrum(s): To take collagen is not always to make (better) collagen, and a lot of collagen is not better quality nor plant-based. But we need this fibrous protein for healthy skin, joints and digestion! Grab the Better Collagen Guide to find your better collagen-promoting options and how to avoid falling for popular collagen myth-takes.
  • Get GLA: What Ashley Koff RD calls “the Glamour Fatty Acid” is an essential fatty acid we need to get in daily for our hair, skin, nails and hormones to look and run better. Dry hair, brittle nails and chapped, cracking skin may indicate a need for more fats like GLA. Try adding good sources such as wild salmon or hemp. Not sure how to work hemp into your meals? Check out the Better Hemp Menu for a week’s worth of delicious recipes.

“What goes on the body, goes in the body without careful vetting from your digestive system,” Ashley Koff RD

That’s why you have to be extra careful with choosing the right products. “Hypoallergenic”, “natural”, and “clean” do not mean that a skincare or beauty product is a better nutrition choice. Just like online dating profiles and food packages, beauty product packages and advertisements tell you what you want to hear. It’s critical that you review the ingredients, the sources and know how the product is made to make better choices for your skin and health. Use our Better Nutrition Beauty Guide to help you sort better from not!

Selecting better beauty products may seem like an overwhelming process – there are just so many with endless claims, ingredients and endorsements! We love brands like RMS Beauty, Dr Bronner’s, BeautyCounter, Marie Veronique, Intelligent Nutrients and La Vanila. What are your favorites?

Thanks Ellie Erlich, dietetic student for this awesome post!