Will Workouts Make Skin Worse?

You work out to look and feel better, but can workouts make skin issues worse? You bet they can. Here’s how to workout and enjoy healthy skin so all you do is win, win, win with your skin!

What’s your skin trying to tell you?

You can’t have healthy skin without better digestion. Perhaps your workouts make skin issues worse, but before you blame your workouts, you need to assess and tune up your digestion as needed.

What’s touching your face during your workouts?

organic yoga mist spray

From the detergent used on the gym towels to your yoga mat you want to assess the likelihood of contact irritation. The key signals for this are bumps or larger red patches. The solution can be bringing your own towel and yoga mat, to wiping them down with better quality cleaning pads or making your own spray from ingredients you know don’t irritate your skin. Remember too if you tote your mat in a bag or in the car, what it comes in contact with also touches your skin. That includes your coughing neighbor or kids in the carpool.

What’s covering your body while you work out?

Workout clothes are designed for a lot of things these days, but some of them are not better for your skin. If you are dealing with butt acne, bumps and breakouts on your body you should look at the clothes that you are working out in and with what you wash them. Swap drier sheets for wool balls – can even use an essential oil on them for better scents – and choose organic cotton clothes that may not “wick away” sweat but are also less likely to trap unhealthy bacteria against your skin.

What’s going on your skin before and after your workouts?

skin products

The ingredients in skincare products including deodorants go into your body without the protective vetting of your digestive system. That means these ingredients need to be better or they can irritate your skin, your digestion and even contribute to increased risk of disease. Get to know how ingredients like “fragrances” and even those in “natural” products may be worse for your skin and health even if they make you smell better.

What’s going in your body before and after your workout?

Water, rainbow of colors, protein, healthy fats, probiotics – all of these nutrients help your skin look and feel better. This is one of our favorite post workout foods for healthy skin and some ways to enjoy it more often.  Here are more better nutrition tips to address acne for better skin and better health.