The Better Digestive Tune-Up Guide

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Why the better digestive tune-up?

Your body sends you signals that it could use a better digestive tune-up. They include feeling backed up, bloated, or things going in the wrong direction. But they also include things like your skin, your waistline, and your general health not  being better.

How do you use the better digestive tune-up?

You can use it proactively, every season, to help your body transition better to the next season. You can also use the better nutrition digestive tune-up after illness, vacations or when your body sends you signals that your digestion needs attention.

Get this guide to discover how a better digestive tune-up can help you achieve your better health goals.




What is the better digestive tune-up?

The better digestive tune-up helps your body get the nutrients your digestion can use to run better. The foundation includes nutrients like non-starchy vegetables, herbs, spices, plant proteins and fats as well as quality carbohydrates.

Is your body sending you signals? 

Do you need a better digestive tune-up? Likely if things aren’t moving, are moving too quickly or are moving in the wrong way.  Your better digestive tune-up focuses addresses the most common digestive complaints.

Does the better nutrition digestive tune-up help with stress?

Our bodies see all stress the same. When stressed, the body moves its focus from digestion to other muscles.  All of the nutrients in the better nutrition digestive tune-up help your body manage stress better, especially magnesium.