The Better Beauty Nutrition Guide


Why better beauty nutrition?

You want to look and feel beautiful but you also want better health. That means all of us need to pay attention to what goes on our bodies as much as what goes in them more often. Women. men, kids all apply products to their body several times a day, every day, for their entire lives. So your better beauty nutrition means looking at those product choices too.

What is better beauty nutrition?

“Hypoallergenic”, “natural”, “clean” do not mean that a skincare or beauty product is a better nutrition choice. Just like food packages, the front of beauty products tells you the story they want, so the real info you need to review is on the back. The label will tell you if the ingredients are ones that should go on your body more often.

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Want to make better beauty nutrition choices?

For better skin, your skincare and makeup choices matter as much as the foods, beverages, supplements and medications you take in most often.

What can better beauty do for you? 

Beyond looking like your better self on the outside, better beauty helps  your body run better. For example, they can support your immune system while reducing the workload for you digestive and detoxification systems.

How can I make better beauty nutrition choices?

Deliciously. Yes you can blend fruits, vegetables, plant protein and fats, herbs and spices is one way, use better quality supplements or you can use Better Nutrition recipes to upgrade your favorite dish or beverage with better quality ingredients.

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