Better Essential Oils Nutrition Guide


Why better essential oils nutrition?

Better essential oils can help you get better health by replacing ingredients that can irritate your body. They can help support your body with digestion and immune health. While we don’t need to consume (and often should not ingest them) these “essential oils” they can still be better health enablers.

How can I use better essential oils nutrition? 

This better essential oils nutrition guide helps you identify swaps as well as choose what better essential oils and avoid ones that may not help your body or your health.

Get this guide to discover what makes essential oils nutrition better. 



Want to make better essential oils nutrition choices?

Get this guide to make choices that help stimulate the senses with smells to encourage better behavior. Learn all about essential oils, which ones are better for different health goals, and get ideas for how to incorporate essential oils into your health regime.

Are essential oils safe? 

For hundreds of years, people and healers continue to rely on the same properties that plants rely on for their own better health.

How are essential oils different than other scents?

Essential oils – organic compounds from plants – can deliver scents that unlike synthetic versions also help our bodies and mind do better.