Ask Alexa for Nutrition Help

There’s an Alexa skill for nutrition help, recipes, ordering on the go and even for pep talks when you know you don’t want the Oreos but you are just about to grab them! If you turn to her to help you in other areas of your life, why not ask Alexa to enable My Better Nutrition right now?

“After 20 years, I know that the one thing that gets better results isn’t more information, it’s a better tip right when my patient needs it. Today, most of us actually suffer from INFObesity, the disease of too much info! You don’t need more information, you need tips to make better choices, more often. That’s why I created My Better Nutrition an Alexa skill by Amazon.” – Ashley Koff RD, CEO, The Better Nutrition Program.

How does can you Ask Alexa for nutrition help?

When you enable the skill, you are ready to get better nutrition tips, tools and recommendations at home or on the go. Some cars like Ford have Alexa built-in, but with the Alexa app you can ask My Better Nutrition for help wherever whenever you need or want it during your day. Here are some of the featured questions you can ask My Better Nutrition:

  • What is a better potassium supplement? How do you get calcium if I go vegan?
  • Should my kids eat carbs for breakfast? Do you have a healthy kids snack? How can I help my husband sleep better?
  • What can I eat to help my skin look better? What’s a quick remedy for a cold? What’s a quick remedy for the flu?
  • I’m stressed and don’t want to eat badly, can I get a pep talk? What is better to eat when I am tired?
  • What does fasting do for my body? What foods are good on an alkaline diet? Is the Mediterranean diet better than Paleo?
  • What is a better alcohol for weight loss? What breakfast will give me more energy? Which fruits are the best to eat?
  • What is ok to drink if you have kidney problems? What is a good snack for a diabetic?
  • Do you have a plant based kids snack recipe? Looking for the best avocado toast recipe? Do you have a hemp pesto recipe?
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Can Alexa help with weight loss?

You betcha. My Better Nutrition can provide you better breakfast, snack and supplement choices to help you give your body what it needs to run better and loose unwanted fat. We included quick pep talks from Ashley Koff RD to help keep you motivated too.

Can Alexa help me exercise?

Yes she can, yes she will. You can get reminders to exercise and you can also get fun music to keep you motivated while you are exercising. You can also tag someone in your house to see if they exercised today too. Sometimes some healthy competition is the better way!

Will Alexa show me how to make recipes?

Now with Amazon echo you can see what Alexa is telling you to do at each stage of the recipe. Be on the lookout for some awesome recipe videos coming soon to My Better Nutrition!

Does Alexa help you and your family get better health?

We are all busy. Maybe you can’t seem to make time for a nutrition chat. Or maybe it isn’t better for you to be the one to tell your kids, partner or parent that their choice could be better. When you use My Better Nutrition skill to ask Alexa for nutrition help you let the professional provide the tip and you can do it while you are driving to school, practice or on a road trip. You don’t have to be the good or bad guy when stopping for a snack, let My Better Nutrition host Ashley Koff RD help anyone in your car pick their better choice.

What if I ask Alexa for nutrition help but I need more?

We have over 200 of the most frequently asked questions as well as daily tips. But we might not have all the better nutrition help you need or want. When you use My Better Nutrition you get the option to get more help texted to you right then. Now that’s better! Of course you can always use the better nutrition tools right here to help you too. Here are other ways that Alexa can help you get healthy too