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You asked My Better Nutrition Alexa skill a question, or got a daily tip or even a pep talk. Your actions tell us you are focused on getting and staying healthy powered by better nutrition.

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Before you do anything else to get and stay healthy you need to know one thing about your body:

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Before you follow ANY plan, assess your digestion

Is your digestion working better?

YOU asked My Better Nutrition Alexa skill for some help. WE want to help you make certain your digestion is NOT keeping you from your better health goal. Do not buy a supplement, change your diet, start a program or do anything else until you know if your digestion is working better.

‘You can not reach any better health goal without better digestion,” Ashley Koff RD

There is only one way to find out if your digestion is working better.

Labs, stool tests, scopes, etc do not tell you if your digestion is working better. They can help diagnose problems. Tests alone do not tell you if your system works well enough to do all its jobs efficiently and effectively for better health. The only way to fully assess your digestion is to ask the important questions our team of experts put together – connect with one of our Providers to request your FREE Better Digestive Evaluation.

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Grab the quiz from a BNP provider to do with your kids!

After checking on your digestion, what’s your better next step?

If your digestion isn’t better here’s how to fix it. If it is better, then your better next step is to connect with a BNP Provider to take a total nutrition quiz. Get recommendations for help with sleep, skin, blood sugar, hormones, weight and to help someone else with their health powered by better nutrition.

How can I get daily help with my personal nutrition and health?

Keeping asking My Better Nutrition Alexa skill quick questions! We can connect wherever you are – at home, work, on the road – and even help you settle nutrition disputes! Set reminders to ask for daily tips and don’t forget to ask for pep talks to keep you on your path better health.

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Start asking My Better Nutrition for help making your better nutrition choices!

Hi, I am dietitian Ashley Koff, your host and guide to better health powered by better nutrition. You and me, we want the same thing – better health! Better nutrition is the key to better health! I am thrilled to help you discover deliciously doable better nutrition choices whether you are at home or on the go.

Alexa skill host Ashley Koff RD
My Better Nutrition Alexa skill host Ashley Koff RD

What topics does My Better Nutrition Alexa Skill address?

This skill answers and recommends better nutrition for everyone! Enjoy access to over 200 questions and daily tips that Include:

  • The Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions (FAQs)
  • Better Nutrition Tips and Recommendations for Kids, Teens & College Students
  • Nutrition Cold Prevention & Healing Better
  • Better Nutrition for Guys
  • Better On The Go Options… even at the gas station
  • Pep Talks to Stay Motivated

Thank goodness a skill like this actually exists! I’ve been trying to take the path of healthy living, and this skill helps answer all my questions without the use of google! Anytime I’m in the kitchen and want a healthier alternative ingredient, my better nutrition gives me options. With so many crazy diets going around today, it’s nice knowing that this skill was created by a professional dietician who knows what she’s talking about. Thank you for this!!


What are sample questions you can ask My Better Nutrition Alexa Skill?

  • What is a better potassium supplement? How do you get calcium if I go vegan?
  • Should my kids eat carbs for breakfast? Do you have a healthy kids snack? How can I help my husband sleep better?
  • What can I eat to help my skin look better? What’s a quick remedy for a cold? What’s a quick remedy for the flu?
  • I’m stressed and don’t want to eat badly, can I get a pep talk? What is better to eat when I am tired?
  • You can get a daily tip on fasting or ask what does fasting do for my body? Likewise for the alkaline forming foods daily tip and asking what is the alkaline diet? Is the Mediterranean diet better than Paleo?
  • What is a better alcohol for weight loss? What breakfast will give me more energy? Which fruits are the best to eat?
  • What is ok to drink if you have kidney problems? What is a good snack for a diabetic?
  • Do you have a plant based kids snack recipe? Looking for the best avocado toast recipe? Do you have a hemp pesto recipe?

I love having My Better Nutrition Skill on Alexa now because I can easily use the skill to ask Alexa for healthy tips while I’m actually in the kitchen. It’s helpful to hear tips, recipes, etc. while I’m actually preparing and thinking about food! The best thing about My Better Nutrition and Ashley Koff is that the focus is on making “better” choices, and not worrying about being perfect all the time!

Lindsay S.
Ready to get better nutrition help? Ask Alexa to “Enable My Better Nutrition”!

My Better Nutrition helps you make better total nutrition choices with dozens of answers to help you choose better foods, drinks and supplements as well as better nutrition recipes. Be sure to check back often as our content is updated frequently to provide you with the best better nutrition tips!

With over 70 5-star reviews, it’s clear that My Better Nutrition Alexa Skill delivers what people like you are looking for whether at home or on the go!

Disclaimer: The advice presented in the My Better Nutrition Alexa Skill can not replace or override your doctor or dietitian’s advice. Our content is provided as information and entertainment only, so you should always talk to your practitioner before making any personal health decisions.


Award-winning nutrition expert Ashley Koff, RD is leading the conversation on better nutrition for healthy living nationwide. A practitioner first, Koff helps Hollywood celebrities, heads of state, executives, athletes as well as clients of all ages identify their better total nutrition choices for better health results. Her success and practical recommendations make her a media favorite expert. She frequently appears on local and national media outlets including, The Today Show, Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, Fox & Friends, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America as well as numerous print and online publications.

Ashley Koff, RD is the CEO & founder of The Better Nutrition Program a company developed to help practitioners and patients get better healthcare outcomes powered by better nutrition tools. Educated at Duke University and New York University, Koff trained at LA+USC and Columbus Children’s hospitals, and later worked at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.. She has completed integrative medicine coursework for certification as a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN). When not working, Koff enjoys relearning the trumpet, time with her labradoodle Rerun, and rooting for her favorite basketball teams (Duke & Cavs).

“Ashley Koff, RD. is a world class expert in nutrition and leader in her field who we invite to the show regularly to share her practical tips, and explains them so the audience remembers and can use her advice – Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr. Oz Show

“ Ashley is an instrumental player in the field of nutrition. I trust she will no doubt transform the industry.” – Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine

“Ashley is the most knowledgeable nutritionist that I have ever worked with. She really cares about her clients.“ – Emily Deschanel, actress and producer of, TV series, Bones