Do You Know What Your Body Needs

When you know what your body needs to run better it’s easy to make your better choices to get and stay healthy. Your body doesn’t need Paleo, Vegan or even Pegan. It needs nutrients in certain amounts, certain forms, to run better. Every human body shares similar needs, but several factors make those needs different from person to person. Ready to find out what your body needs?

If you don’t know what your body needs today, it impossible to give it what it needs to run better!

Here are four easy ways to know what your body needs:

  1. The Better Nutrition Quiz: Take this quiz to know what your body needs based on your personal health goal(s)! It’s free AND you get The Better Nutrition QuickStart Guide FREE when you take the quiz. Now that’s better!
  2. Better Nutrition Evaluations: Better nutrition evaluations (quizzes) are the first and only tools to help you discover and make your better total nutrition choices. 
    • If you don’t like, don’t tolerate, can’t have or choose to avoid certain foods or nutrient groups (like carbs), you need to find other sources of those nutrients for your body to run better. That’s where supplements, beverages and different food choices can be your better nutrition choice.
    • Filling out better nutrition evaluations before going to your practitioner, trainer, or coach and sharing your information helps you both work better together. If you are a practitioner, use them for intake forms or as part of your courses and consults.
  3. Labs: your labs can tell you and your practitioner several things about what your body needs especially if you:
    • Get tested regularly, and at least once a year get tested when healthy. This helps you and your practitioner look at your personal trends.
    • Use labs as a starting point for recommendations but do not make the recommendation based on your labs alone. For example, bloodwork for magnesium only tells you about 1% of your total body magnesium needs (the mineral that turns off stress!) you need to know about the other 99%!
    • Use The Better Nutrition CheckUp Checklist to identify the basic labs you should get tested regularly.
  4. Better Nutrition Journal: you can’t know what you don’t know. No one fully remembers what they have each day, all day, without tracking it somewhere.
    • The Better Nutrition Journal helps you track better by asking you to record your total nutrition – food, drink, supplements, medications – and your activity.
    • You can track the way you track better either digitally or with a hard copy.

Failing to give your body what it needs is the biggest health mistake you can make!

Stressed? Tired? Ready to run a race or sit for an exam? Your body needs different nutrients based on what you want it to do for you today. It constantly assesses what it has, then prioritizes how it will use what it has and make do with what it doesn’t. Your primary nutrition goal is to know what your body needs, today, to run better. Without enough to do everything it needs, your body makes compromises. In the case of your health, it is the compromises it makes over time that lead to health issues, disease, and unhealthy aging.