Your Better Checkup Checklist


Why the Better Nutrition Checkup Checklist evaluation?
The Better Nutrition Checkup Checklist Evaluation makes it easier for you and your practitioner to work together for a more successful consultation. When you are prepared, you are likely less scared or anxious, and you can prioritize how you use your time. Your practitioner can do the same.
What should you do with your Better Nutrition CheckUp Checklist evaluation?
Take the quiz and share your results with your practitioner(s) or use it with your patients and clients to help them and you prepare for your consultations better.



Do you and your practitioner have the information you both need to assess your health better?

Without all the information, no one can do a better job and that’s, well, not better. Use the Better CheckUp Checklist Evaluation to review what you can be responsible for bringing to your practitioner. Just like you prepare for any meeting, preparing for one about your health is a better idea.
How do I get and bring all of this information?
We recommend creating a folder. Depending on how you use your computer and email it may be easiest to create one online, just make sure you take steps to keep your information confidential (try a dropbox folder or a password protected folder and don’t access it on public wifi). If you prefer to keep things old school stick to pen and paper and make copies of key content.
What if my practitioner doesn’t want the information?
Hmmm, that doesn’t seem better. But no matter what, preparing it and having it on hand is a better tool for you to use as well as anyone who might have to step in and participate in your healthcare.