2019 Better Nutrition Trends Forecast

What do the nutrition trends say 2019 will mean for your health?

Before you slather on CBD oil while intermittent fasting and give up all carbs in favor of cauliflower… exhale. Trends don’t make your body run better. Fortunately better nutrition does! Now is a better time to assess your goals and habits, what goes in and on your body more often, to see if any of these trends are better for you. Here’s our better nutrition 2019 trend forecast.

From non-gmo to glyphosate-residue free

What is done to seeds may or may not be ok for some or all bodies, but what we do know is that glyphosate, one weed-control  ingredient used in large scale farming as well as home lawns, does not help any body. Worse, glyphosate likely contributes negatively to human, animal, and planetary health. There’s too much glyphosate already in our fields and residues in our foods, textiles, soil etc. 2019 will be the year that glyphosate residue-free efforts become more mainstream, a trend we think is better for everybody. Grab this guide to learn how you can start reducing your exposure.

From detox to fasting

Suddenly, a detox isn’t good enough, right? Not so fast. Your body has a detoxification system so you should actually be on a detox every day! Grab this guide to learn what foods and nutrients support your body’s detoxification efforts. When it comes to fasting, your body also loves time off (don’t we all?!). It works really hard, and when it doesn’t have new work it can do some deep cleaning and recovery work. But it still needs nutrients to run better. Calorie control is not fasting, choosing fewer but better quality calories can be better. A good test: your better fast better not make you hangry so you gorge later!

From B vitamins to methylation

Your body needs B vitamins and it needs its methylation cycle to run better. Methylation simply refers to the movement of atoms – carbon and hydrogen – between substances. Not having enough active folate (a B vitamin), also known as methylfolate, can prevent effective transfers resulting in poor production or use of key nutrients. Early in the 20th century, we discovered how important folate is to cognitive function, development and heart health, so folic acid fortification became mandated. At the turn of this century, we learned that genetics prevent some people from converting folic acid into active folate. In 2019, the trend of methylated folate in supplements will continue to mainstream, and hopefully move to food fortification too.

From fearing hemp to CBD everything

Super exciting to see CBD, a key compound found in cannabis that contains the plant’s medicinal components, make its way into food, beverages, supplements, even skincare nationwide. CBD may help normalize many aspects of the body’s systems including the pain and inflammatory responses, digestion, sleep, and immune health. We expect CBD to have longevity, but the trend that concerns us is the sourcing, dosing and the addition of CBD into otherwise poor quality products. History continues to show us that more of anything is not the better answer for your body. Right now, unfortunately, the onus is on you and your practitioner to investigate sources, and to make sure that your intake of CBD is better for your body daily.

From Googling to Asking Alexa

Why look up anything – reservations, sports scores, or health information – if you can Ask Alexa? Well that’s how we felt too. Alexa skills are a top trend for 2019, specifically to get recipes and better nutrition information. Click here to enable My Better Nutrition for Alexa Skill developed by The Better Nutrition Program CEO, Ashley Koff RD, to get a daily tip or to ask nutrition questions (Alexa, ask My Better Nutrition what can I eat for better energy?) for you, your teens, or your “friend” 😉 We got you! Another trend that’s not going away – Amazon ranking items with reviews higher … we’d love you to leave one!

special thanks to Ellie Erlich, dietetic student for this post!