Will celery juice help you reach the health goal you crave?

Does drinking celery juice help you reach your health goal?

Wondering if celery juice is a must-add better nutrition tool for your body? This post will help you sort myths and marketing to see if celery juice help you reach your health goal.

Posts like these could make you think celery juice is the best cure period and something anyone with digestive issues must drink.  Adding butter to your coffee? You should be drinking celery juice too, right? 

Are celery juice claims legit?

Maybe. Like most other ingredient craze, celery juice has some benefits. But celery juice alone isn’t the key to the health goals you crave. The popularity of celery juice is also driving up prices so that adds a new wrinkle. And isn’t celery juice supposed to make wrinkles go away? Let’s see if you should drink celery juice to help you reach your health goal.

low sugar celery juice apple
Smoothie of fresh green apple, celery and spinach

Here’s when celery juice helps you reach your health goal:

  • If you drink celery juice instead  of soda, chocolate milk, another glass of wine or a glass of fruit juice.
  • When you celery juice as along with getting in the nutrients discussed the better digestive tune-up
  • Adding celery juice can be part of an effort to promote a healthy inflammatory response if you make other food choices that to too, like these.   

Is juicing celery or blending it better?

  • Blending whole celery helps you keep the fiber.
  • When you blend you get in more antioxidants.
  • When you juice you can get more concentration of some vitamins and minerals.

What’s the healthiest way to enjoy celery?

The way you get it in more often! Yes, you can juice or blend, but eat celery for the health win too. Chomping on some calorie-less crunchy celery can often help combat cravings or overeating. As part of a smoothie, soup, or sauce, celery puree provides nutrients to help promote a healthy inflammatory response, healthy digestion, bone health and healthy immune system.

How should you eat or cook celery to reach your health goal?

  • Replace croutons and bacon bits on your salad, baked potato for a better crunch.
  • Cooking celery works for the nutrients so add to stuffing and a stir-fry.
  • Don’t boil celery as you lose most of the nutrients into the boiled water.
  • Always wash your celery with warm water and a touch of soap. 
  • Keep the peel on especially if cooking or blending to retain more of the nutrients found in the skin.

Do I need to buy celery organic?

If you can find and afford it, choosing organic celery helps you avoid ingredients that don’t help or could disrupt your body’s work efforts. Organic bonus: organic celery is likely higher in antioxidants because when plants have to work hard to defend themselves in nature they produce more of these amazing plant compounds. 

Want to get celery juice benefits, deliciously?

We love this recipe ! And this one to help kids get in celery, just follow the directions at the bottom to either sub for celery or add it to this kid-friendly juice recipe.