The Better Nutrition Journal (Digital)


Help your clients make better nutrition choices more often using the Better Nutrition Journal!
Your clients won’t know if they are making better nutrition choices unless they are tracking their foods, beverages, supplements, lifestyle choices and more – daily – using the Better Nutrition Journal. Just tracking calories or even macros could be helpful, but it’s not enough to help your client make better total nutrition choices more often. Invite them to use the Better Nutrition Journal to track all current choices to see what is currently working well for them and what could be made even better!




Are your clients using the Better Nutrition Journal?

The Better Nutrition Journal helps your clients track total nutrition, lifestyle choices, and mood to learn what is helping their body run better already (invite them to keep doing that!) and what could be changed so that the body runs even better.

How many days should my client use the Better Nutrition Journal?

There is no perfect day, and no typical week, so the Better Nutrition Journal includes four weeks’ worth of days to help your clients track the typical, not-so typical, and play days that they have each week. Your client may opt to continue tracking beyond the four weeks, once they see how much better they are doing!

When do you recommend using the Better Nutrition Journal?

Your client may opt to track each morning for intake and decisions made the day before, or your client may track as they go along. For others, tracking is an after-dinner ritual. Tracking decisions and progress is the most effective way to create better habits.

Why should I recommend the online version of the Better Nutrition Journal?

If your client prefers to do everything via phone, mobile devices or computer, recommend the digital version of the Better Nutrition Journal. Your client can easily share this digital version with you, the better nutrition provider!

Should I recommend the Better Nutrition Plan, too?

Yes! We think so. The Better Nutrition Journal pairs better with The Better Nutrition Plan – you save when you get them together. Your clients deserve better!