Are your gym clothes bad for you?

Did you read correctly – your gym clothes could be bad for you – like interfering with your health? WTUgh, right?! Unfortunately, yes, despite how awesome getting outside or heading to the gym can be for your body and mind, what you wear may not be.

Can anti-odor clothes be bad for you?

Nobody wants to be the smelly body at the yoga class but your anti-odor gym clothes may not be worth it. Silver nanoparticles found in many anti-odor clothes may disrupt the bodies efforts to run better. So grab a towel, a toxin-free deodorant, and try adding lemon or even chlorophyll drops to your water to drink before, during and after your workout as it alkaline-forming nutrients help the body deodorize naturally.

Is it dangerous to put your cell phone in your bra?

While your gym clothes including bras are now designed to hold your mobile devices, it likely isn’t better. Could putting your cell phone in your pocket make your gym clothes bad for you? We don’t know fully what causes cancer but there appears to be evidence that more and close exposure to these devices negatively impacts our cells. And guys, it’s not just gas who need to worry about breast tissue, so put your devices on the machine – and wipe to keep them clean – instead of on you more often.

Is it bad to stay in sweaty clothes?

According to experts staying in your gym clothes after your workout is not better for your skin. In fact, there can be some seriously gross things that happen, so it is worth toting the bag with a change of clothes. But just changing into clean clothes is likely not as effective as a quick wipe down or ideally a full shower. Don’t just focus on your clothes, there are other reasons your workout can be bad for your skin.

Should I just skip working out?

Not so fast Watson! Working out is still better for you. But you don’t need to worry if your gym clothes bad for you. That stress will just make you need more magnesium! Luckily today there are many options for better clothes and machines are constantly being updated to adapt to our desire to be connected all the time. But what if you took time to disconnect while working out…