How to Get and Stay Fit Over 50

better fitness at 50 and beyond

Wondering how you can get and stay fit over 50? Meet military veteran and master trainer, Jake Trione. Jake specializes in functional fitness training to help you age better. Jake’s advice will help you assess your current fitness plan or motivate to create a better one!

Is it too late to get fit over 50?

After 50, your dedicated years of living to the fullest start become more and more noticeable. It could be annoying back pain on waking, a need for an afternoon nap, or the six prescription pills you can’t believe you now take daily. Aging presents challenges. Some are harder to overcome than others. But the silver lining is no matter your age, you can always improve your quality of life. You can even reverse some ailments to improve the long-term trajectory of your health well into your golden years. So keep reading for my fit over 50 tips.

How can I get and stay fit after 50?

Prepare for the challenges. You’ve heard the saying “getting older is a blessing not everyone receives”. The truth is, getting older can easily become the burden not everyone receives if you fail to prepare. When it comes to exercise, you can stay ahead of the game. Develop a fitness program you enjoy and can maintain well before you “need” it. Do not wait until you have been diagnosed with neuropathy, osteoporosis, arthritis or any other age-related disease. You will be in a thought pattern of despair. In this mindset you are much more likely to make unhealthy and uneducated decisions about your medical treatment, nutrition and fitness programs. Right now is your better time to plan for and implement these fit over 50 tips.

What are the best exercises for over 50?

Fitness Programs Should Be Specific and Comprehensive. Approach fitness after 50 differently just like you would your retirement planning. At 30 it’s a future thing, at 50 it’s much closer or imminent. LIkewise, at 50 your there are 20-30 more years of experiences that trigger imbalances and changes to your body and your overall fitness level. As you add years of use onto your body, you may ignore key performance factors like balance, speed, power, joint mobility and flexibility. Everyone is different. If you worked as a botanist climbing to study the tops of trees in Yosemite all of your life your fitness needs will differ versus someone with a desk job.

How can I stay healthy after 50?

It is always a good idea to move more! As you know, fitness comes in many shapes and sizes, but one thing rings true is movement is healthy at any age or ability level. We are biologically built to move (1) and the more we do the better off we are as long as we are getting proper calories and rest. The chemicals that keep us emotionally balanced and happy are increased with movement, our hearts work better with movement, or body maintains a healthy tissue balance when we move. Bottom line is all signs point to MOVE! And then make sure you get enough magnesium to help your muscles relax better.

How often should 50 year old exercise?

Consistency over Intensity.The theme of the last decade of fitness is hardcore exercise done for a 6 week and 30-day challenge, but this isn’t really the best approach to maintaining your health and functionality over the years. You should find a well-balanced moderately challenging fitness program that you enjoy and aim to do it at least 3-5 days a week. This will keep your energy better balanced and allow you to stay active most days of the week without over-training and putting yourself at risk for injury and burnout.

What gyms or fitness programs are better for seniors?

Get Social. Finding a fitness program that has a social aspect makes you more likely to stay committed, promotes making new friends, motivates you to push yourself harder and it is often more affordable than 1 on 1 coaching. At TriFitness Gym we only offer small group training of 8 members or less which allows us to provide personal coaching and social support in a fun and effective coaching program. One of our fit over 50 tips is to use your exercise as part of your social plans to keep you motivated to both exercise and be social. Studies on healthy aging have shown that loneliness is very prominent in our aging population which group training can also alleviate.

Jake Trione Certified Master Fitness Trainer & Functional Aging Specialist
Co-Owner TriFitness Gym


About the author of this Fit Over 50 Tips blog: Jake Trione is a fitness professional and wellness coach in Houston, TX. From the moment you meet him, it’s clear that he is passionate about helping people. He has a unique ability to connect and inspire on a personal level. As a Military Veteran and a Master Fitness Trainer, he has dedicated his life to serving others and his mission is to help you live an inspired and active life. Contact or stop by 2147 Bay Area Blvd Houston Texas 77058 today for a tour and complimentary consultation!