3 Tools You Need to Easily Create & Sell Better Programs

With these 3 tools, turn your individual client business into a revenue generating, better health outcome delivering – while you sleep – machine!

cartoon of a woman fist bump

Build it and they will come!

Pinky swear.

Today, thousands of people are searching for your online program(s) to help them reach their health goals.

So why haven’t you created one or sold it to them yet?

  1. Too Busy?
  2. It’s Complicated?
  3. Uncertain?

No matter if you said yes to one or all 3, the better question is would you say yes to these 2 questions:

  • Do you want your monthly income to go from $125 to $8,125?
  • Do you want to help an exponential number of people get healthy without putting in more hours?


Use these tools to easily create and market an online program.

Get Exponential!

Make $8k more and help 64 more people reach their better health goal.

65 participants x $125 registration fee = $8,125 1 x your hourly rate of $125 = $125

Ready for your exponential win?

WHY people are searching for your online program(s) tells you a lot about WHAT your program needs to deliver.

Because they are:

Too Busy.

Because their status is:

It’s Complicated.

And because they feel:


When it comes to their health, many people feel the exact same way you do about taking a business leap.

You can relate, and that relating is what will help you create and market THE program they need. Don’t forget these as you develop the content of your program and your marketing efforts.

Here are the 3 tools you need to create and market your program(s)

Tool #1 – YOU

You are an expert. You trained and continue to study to hone your expertise. Your expertise sets you apart. Your expertise is the foundation of your winning program.

To create your winning program, think about the question or issue you get asked to address most often.

For example, when asked about her most popular course, Ashley Koff RD, CEO, The Better Nutrition Program shared:

“I get asked about how to improve digestion all day, every day even in the most awkward of places like dinner parties, waiting to go on TV, and once, when I had taken my sick dog and were waiting for the vet, a fellow pet owner started right in about her constipation and bloating. I knew creating a Digestive Tune-Up online program for these folks and for their practitioners was my expert win.”

That’s the secret to your program’s success. What you get asked is what they want help with, all of them, and that is what you should use as your program topic.

According to one of our favorite online course gurus, Lesli Bitel MBA RDN LDN CLT

“the most successful digital programs for patients not only solve problems for your audience but they are positioned to help provide resolution to the most top-of-mind challenges that people are experiencing.”

Tool #2 Assessment Tools

Will a program work as well as an individual consult? It can. It can work even better – with the right tools.

Use total nutrition assessment tools to get critical data initially and continuously to help program participants tweak their efforts for better outcomes.

Ashley Koff RD has program participants fill out the Better Nutrition Digestive Evaluation prior to starting her Digestive Tune-Up. #ProTip she uses their results to create their personal supplement recommendations via her Fullscript account (which integrates with Practice Better too!)

Suzanne Healy CICH, FDN-P relies on her Better Nutrition Program Toolkit™ to successfully take clients through her 6-week weight loss program. She starts with the Digestive Evaluation, then uses other evaluations like the magnesium, calcium and fiber tools “on the program, as I adjust a client’s food intake, I use the tools to help ensure their food continues to meet their daily nutrient needs. The assessment tools make it so much easier!”

Tess Masters, The Blender Girl uses the Digestive Evaluation at the start of her Skinny60™ weight loss and healthy lifestyle program, “It helps my team of practitioners and I evaluate the eligibility of potential participants. Everybody in the program is then advised to use their evaluation results to consult with their personal practitioner before, during, and after the program to track their results.”

Having better nutrition assessment tools makes your program better – whether your program is solely focused on a nutrition or needs to incorporate it as a piece of the program for better overall results.

Digestive evaluation in english
Check out the Digestive Evaluations – in English and Spanish

Tool #3 A Hobby

Offering programs helps you reach your financial and client outcome goals more efficiently. That means you will have time for a hobby that helps you enjoy other parts of your life. And that’s awesome, but there are also big business wins from having a hobby.

Having a hobby gives you something to discuss in your marketing. Additionally, your hobby gives you content to personalize your program. Participants get to know you and relate to you beyond your expertise. Relatability helps any program, and every expert, connect better with their clients.

A hobby also helps you reach different communities. Waiting, in those community groups, are future program participants who need your program to help them reach their health goals.

Ashley Koff RD shares this about her hobbies “time with Rerun, my dog” and “anything men’s basketball”.

“I get program participants not just at the vet, the dog park but also in online groups dedicated to topics like ‘Cool Dogs‘ which I love popping in to check out the truly cool dogs. I also get participants from my love of men’s basketball. After I posted about a recent game, a stranger connected, we talked basketball and later, they noticed my post about The Sugar Shakedown and joined.”

Ashley's cool dog Rerun
Find a hobby – like Ashley’s dog Rerun – to help personalize your program and enjoy life outside of work.