Introducing The 2020 Sugar Shakedown for Better Health

The 2020 Sugar Shakedown is your opportunity to start this decade better. Say bye bye to drama diets, products and someone else’s best seller. It’s 2020. This is the decade of personalization. No computer program, book, or program with a set of one size fits all rules knows what your body needs to look and feel better.

When you assess, create and budget your sugar intake, you get better health results without all the drama of other programs. #winning

What is a Shakedown?

By definition, a shakedown is radical and is a restructuring. If you’re in need of trying something radical this new decade, then meet The 2020 Sugar Shakedown for individuals, practitioners and their clients.

The Sugar Shakedown is NOT:

  • A one-size fits all book or Program
  • Gonna tell you what you already know 
  • 30 days off sugar so you can go back on sugar again on Day 31

Why is The Sugar Shakedown Better?

  1. The 2020 Sugar Shakedown led by award-winning nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD delivers a truly personalized plan. It takes you from where you are today to where you need to be for better health (think of a 5 star Lyft or Uber ride)!
  2. Get over $2050 worth of content and counseling for just $189 and join the program that is designed for you based on where you are today.

What does The 2020 Sugar Shakedown include?

  1. Personal assessment from Ashley Koff RD using cutting edge total nutrition assessments from The Better Nutrition Program. No judgment, however you played over the holidays, we just need a starting point
  2. Customized dietary supplement plan based on your current nutrition, health, medication and preferences developed by Ashley Koff RD (and with your practitioner if they invited you – lucky you!)
  3. Customizable menu & guidelines for 30 days
  4. A set of tools you can use an UNLIMITED number of times. Anytime you want to re-build & refresh your better sugar budget
  5. Recipes, product suggestions, discounts and guest experts 
  6. Team and group support – yes, it’s a shakedown, but our team and your teammates are here to support you
  7. For practitioners, a program you can follow, customize and use for your clients

To Get All That and Better Health Are You Prepared To Do These?

  • Share – share your current total nutrition intake with your practitioner and / or Ashley Koff RD
  • Participate – we think it’s better to attend live, but you don’t need to as long as you catch up sometime that week. Life happens and if you need to postpone a week, let us or your healthcare practitioner know, and commit to resuming the following (starting where you left off)
  • Commit – to doing One Thing Better each week for 30 days. While doing everything else you do daily, you will get (1) weekly assignment that you turn into your weekly commitment. 

The Shakedown is for You IF You Want Help with Any of These?

  • Stress
  • Overeating
  • Sugar highs/lows
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Bloating/digestive complaints
  • Fatigue/energy complaints
  • Immune/ getting sick often
  • Skin issues

Here’s a Preview of The Sugar Shakedown Weekly Content:

Week 1: Turning on Your Location Settings

  • What is your current sugar situation
  • What does it mean for your health
  • Personal goal setting  
  • Personalized supplement recommendations 
  • #obvy the role of better digestion 

Week 2: How to Sip & Sweet Better

  • What your current sips do for your body
  • Better sweeteners 
  • But it’s “natural” … and other excuses your body isn’t buying 

Week 3: Treat Yo’Self Better (Carbs & Treats)

  • What are you treating yourself to most often
  • Your better treats 
  • How to handle cravings 
  • CARBS isn’t actually a 4 letter word 

Week 4: How’s Your Entourage (protein, fats & non-starchy veggies) 

  • Are you skipping sweets but OD’ing elsewhere 
  • Finding your better balance 
  • Somewhere over the rainbow

Let’s Wrap It Up: Your Personal Better Nutrition Plan

  • Where are you now?
  • Re-goal set
  • What & who’s gonna keep you in line



Ready for Your Sugar Shakedown? Do this Right NOW!

Will we see you in the Sugar Shakedown? Comment below!