Your Better Nutrition News – August 2021

Each month we present Your Better Nutrition News for practitioners. Discover evidence-based insights to help you better personalize recommendations. Here’s what we found interesting in the news this month.

A surprising pandemic side effect: People are more engaged with their health

Waiting on Lab Results? Here’s One Way to Keep Clients Engaged

Bitter Taste Signaling is a Whole Body Health Event

Timing of chocolate intake affects hunger, substrate oxidation, and microbiota: A randomized controlled trial

CRISPR injected into the blood treats a genetic disease for first time

Is crying good for you?

What really makes junk food bad for us?

Sweeteners ‘can turn healthy gut bacteria into harmful microbes’

Dietary calcium intake and change in bone mineral density in older adults: a systematic review of longitudinal cohort studies

Impulsiveness tied to faster eating in children, can lead to obesity

International tables of glycemic index and glycemic load values 2021: a systematic review

Body Composition, Energy Availability, Training, and Menstrual Status in Female Runners