How to Get and Help Athlete Clients Win with Better Nutrition

Better total nutrition is the answer for how to get and help athlete clients win – in their sport and in their life.

How can you know if their total nutrition – food, beverages, supplements – is better for their body and performance today? Our Better Nutrition Expert Becca McConville, RD, LD, CSSD, CEDRD. explains how The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation makes it easy and efficient for you to get the critical data you need to identify each client’s nutrition wins!

After meeting Becca and learning her story, how she practices, helps athletes win, we knew she was the expert to collaborate with to create The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation. This tool is the first and only tool for practitioners, coaches, parents, and athletes to assess their total nutrition to ensure it supports better performance, recovery and future health.

Tell us a little about your practice and your niche:

Once an athlete, always an athlete. I am a former college basketball player and life-long athlete. I provide sports nutrition counseling to countless athletes, including student athletes at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and I previously served as dietitian for the Kansas City Chiefs.

I love the blend of sports performance and sports nutrition. Helping clients define and keep that perfect sweet spot. It is so much more than just what you eat!

As “The RED-S Dietitian,” I use my sports nutrition and sports psychology knowledge to guide athletes to find their SWEET SPOT of optimum performance balanced with optimum nutrition.

Tell us how you came up with the idea for The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation:  

Every athlete is unique in the right combination of what works better for them. This includes:

  • What you eat
  • Why you eat
  • When you need to eat
  • What you want your food to do for you

This complexity is why I wanted to create The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation for The Better Nutrition Program. Finding the balance of fueling that works within an athlete’s desired performance outcomes is not an easy feat!

Having The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation will help any healthcare practitioners who counsel and treat athlete clients. Using the tool, they can conduct the most thorough nutrition assessment at that very first client appointment to then provide personalized, total, better recommendations – and results. 

– Becca McConville RD LD CSSD CEDRD

How do you recommend practitioners use The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation with athlete clients?

This is the first and only tool for practitioners to assess their athletes’ total nutrition to ensure it supports better performance, recovery and future health. As you know, you need to review their total nutrient intake to determine whether your client is fueling and hydrating optimally.

Great news, this assessment will help you personalize recommendations to help prevent injury and running on fumes.

First, use this assessment tool to examine carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, digestion, sleep and so much more. Then, use the results to help each athlete client understand how their total nutrition is impacting their performance. Review with them the impact of any supplements, their food choices, and their body’s functions such as digestion, sleep and mood, . This assessment helps you get the best possible data that you need to help your athlete achieve their goals in sport and life!

How do you recommend athletes use The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation?

As an athlete, you have such unique nutrition needs. Thus, you and your team need to know if your body is getting what it needs most of the time.

Complete this assessment and return it to your healthcare practitioner and ask them to review it with you. Having this information allows your practitioner to provide you with a nutrition assessment that will help you exceed in sport and life!

  • No more worrying about whether you’re not fueling properly to help you shave time off of your personal best.
  • No more anxiety around hydration, supplements, sleep, stress, etc.

As you know, there are so many factors come into play for better training, performance and recovery. The evaluation helps you assess them all to identify your better choices.

Don’t double down and try harder. Complete The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation now and share it with your trainer, dietitian, sports psychologist, sports medicine doctor, etc. for their expert review.

How will practitioners/patients will benefit from using The Better Nutrition Athlete Evaluation?

Get the best possible data that you need to help your athlete understand what they should choose to achieve their goals! Even better, imagine how good you both will feel when your returns and reports a win, a personal best, or just feeling better!

Why did you create The Better Nutrition Athlete Evaluation with The Better Nutrition Program team?

Finding The Better Nutrition Program team made me feel like I just won a championship basketball game! Ashley Koff, RD, is a like-minded nutrition expert and great “teammate.” Together, we wanted to create The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation for use in your practice, to help you win better with every client consult you have.

What is your better next step?

Athletes: Access the client version of The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation

Practitioners: Access the practitioner version of The Better Athlete Nutrition Evaluation or The Better Athlete Nutrition Package

More about our Better Nutrition Expert

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