3 Ways To Empower Clients To Actually Eat A Rainbow

Nutrition has certainly gotten complicated lately. From using DNA tests for weight loss to at-home ketone testing to articles online that rank which berry is the best, it’s no wonder that our clients come to us struggling to achieve their health goals. That’s why it’s time to get back to basics and it starts with helping them actually eat a rainbow.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid the #1 mistake – telling clients to eat a rainbow – and discover what’s better
  • How to develop a personalized plan for every client to actually eat a rainbow
  • Access your FREE copy of The Rainbow Evaluation to start using right away
  • Use this popular tool to reach your own pot of gold for your nutrition business 

Yes, we are living in a time of information overload. We have more insights at our fingertips than ever before, but the misinformation and sensational headlines that clients ingest online on a daily basis makes it difficult for them to know what it is that they should be doing to lead more healthy lifestyles.

The truth is clients could all make great leaps forward if they actually eat a rainbow more often. Practitioners understand the value of getting in all of the colors of the rainbow and how to determine whether it is all coming from good sources, but not many clients do so on a daily basis. That’s where the BNP Rainbow Evaluation tool comes in. 

The Rainbow Evaluation is one of the most popular tools in The BNP Toolkit™. This simple, yet powerful, nutrition assessment helps introduce the idea of eating the rainbow to clients. Use this engaging tool to help them make better choices, including adding foods, herbs, spices and, when needed, even supplements to get in their rainbow.

Here’s your chance to try the Rainbow Evaluation for FREE! Download it now!

This tool helps everyone take actions to upgrade their nutrition with better choices.

“I’ve used the Rainbow Evaluation to help clients at the food pantry as well as busy executives, athletes, and caregivers for cancer patients, and I’m excited to share how to make it work for you, too.”

Ashley Koff RD

3 ways to put the Rainbow Evaluation to work for you and your clients

  • How often are people told to eat a rainbow? ALL THE TIME. How do you, the practitioner, know if they are getting in a rainbow more often? YOU DON’T…until now. Sure there is value in telling them the benefits of eating more colors, but the real health outcomes come when you meet them where they are and personalize their rainbow plan. From there, you can easily reassess to see their progress and develop new goals or troubleshoot challenges.
  • Seasonality, budget, access, preferences, medications and tolerance all impact whether someone can or does get in their rainbow more often. With this tool you can easily show them any gaps and develop a personalized plan so that their total nutrition meets their body’s rainbow needs.
  • Your client’s current rainbow choices may be less nutrient dense or higher in sugar or salt. Use the Rainbow Evaluation to see if cooking methods, processing or preservatives are making their rainbow less nutrition. Then offer suggestions for how to get more nutrient bang per bite and sip.

“This tool is valuable for everyone because it SHOWS (not tells) – even a seasoned dietitian like me – their color gaps. I was a goose egg (0 !) for daily servings of orange foods. Staring at the page was the motivation to move beyond my knowledge to make better choices. I added spices, adjusted my supplement and added a sweet potato to my weekly shopping list. #betternotperfect 🙂 ” Ashley Koff RD 

Not only does the Rainbow Evaluation help you deliver better client outcomes from the very start, it can help you reach the pot of gold in your nutrition business! 

How to use the Rainbow Evaluation right away to keep your current clients and attract new ones:

  • Use it for timely content to remind clients that food choices change seasonally and highlight fresh ways to eat the colors of the rainbow all year long.
  • This tool is helpful when developing personalized plans to focus on certain colors specific to individual client needs. If they are coming to you for cancer risk reduction, immune health, digestive/skin/heart issues or post-surgery recovery, show them their color wins.
  • Boost your supplement sales when you help clients who can’t (intolerances or allergies) or won’t get in certain colors. You can also use it to show them how a supplement may provide the higher concentration they need.
  • Selling meal planning services? The Rainbow Evaluation can be used as a lead magnet to attract new customers.
  • For practitioners who work with moms, dads and caregivers, this is a great tool! They can turn it into a game to play at home. Guide snack choices that help kids personalize their better rainbow choices. 
  • Use the Rainbow Evaluation to help attract more new clients by hosting a virtual Rainbow Lunch & Learn event for groups including employee wellness programs, teachers at a local school or at a parents’ group meeting.

Now, for the really exciting part! Grab your FREE copy of our highly-rated Rainbow Evaluation! You can download it and start using it right away to conduct more effective nutrition assessments in less time. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you and your clients!