A Better Nutrition Supplement Store Will Improve Your Business

Hmmm, but will a better nutrition supplement store really improve my business?

300% Better Nutrition Supplement Store creates wins
Read on to learn why we are 300% certain a Better Nutrition Supplement Store will deliver you business wins

77% of US Adults take supplements (CRN USA 2019).

Likely your client or prospect is one of them.

The Better Nutrition Program partnered with Fullscript to offer you a ready-to-revenue-generate and improve-client-outcomes store right now! And it’s FREE.

What is it?

A Fullscript store with The Better Nutrition Program product favorites and categories pre-loaded and ready to use. That means from heart health to women’s nutrition to travel, pregnancy and digestive health, your store comes pre-stocked with our experts’ recommendations – oh and of course you can edit them as you are the Better Nutrition Expert for your clients!

Here’s Something Even Better!

You can attach any Better Nutrition Tool to a client recommendation to help them make their better total nutrition choices more often. Check out more ways like these to create personalized total nutrition recommendations.

Wait WHAT? You don’t have Better Nutrition Tools? get The BNP Toolkit™ right now

Get Your Better Nutrition Program Fullscript Store for these individual client business win:

  • Create total nutrition recommendations to help your client use food and supplements to reach their specific nutrient goals.
  • Help improve patient adherence to their protocols and capture additional revenue via refills (refill reminders are sent from Fullscript!).
  • When you recommend a supplement(s) you can attach your better nutrition tools (in this example, the fiber menu and alkaline guide) to help them make their better total nutrition choices more often.
    • BONUS: Want a fully loaded store featuring favorites categories and products that match each better nutrition tool and most common health goal(s)? Sign up here to get yours right now. You add your branding so clients see it as your store, and you can edit any of the categories and product recommendations. See FAQs below.
Create Better total nutrition recommendation in your better nutrition supplement store
Create total nutrition recommendations using better nutrition tools in your better nutrition supplement store

Your Better Nutrition Program Fullscript Store generates program wins:

  • For Program Participants: evaluate their current nutrition then create a personalized supplement recommendation for them to use during your program.
  • Improve the Value of Your Programs: Offering supplement evaluation and a personalized supplement plan improves the perceived value of your program. Add a promotional offer like ‘20% off supplements during the program’ for even more perceived value.
  • Better Outcomes: Both of these help you ensure better program outcomes (help them get better total nutrition during your program), and gets you a new supplement store client for beyond the life of your program.
    • BONUS: BNP Toolkit™ owners get access to all our programs (for you and 5 of your clients for FREE) which include collaboration with Ashley Koff RD to help you develop personalized supplement recommendations you make for your clients through your store).

Check Out These Marketing Opportunities for Current Clients & for Getting More Clients:

  • Current Clients: provide ongoing added value to your supplement store clients whether they are a current individual or program client, or not.
    • Create timely promotions (seasonal allergies, back-to-school immune support, heart health month etc.)
    • Link to your existing blog posts
    • Share new offers and programs
    • Take advantage of the offers Fullscript runs monthly.
  • Get More Clients: connect with prospects and with referral sources better when you:
    • Market your services to include providing personalized supplement plans and highlight yours are based on total nutrition needs (make sure to explain this is different than that online computer quiz they are considering!).
    • Generate referrals from practitioners who want someone to review and oversee their patients’ supplement situation.
    • Discuss supplements in your social media and newsletters as a way to educate clients about the risks, benefits, and need for their personalized supplement plan. recommendations.
    • Promote your total nutrition services to businesses seeking employee wellness.

Want these business wins?

“I wanted a supplement store but could never find the time to put it all together and wasn’t sure how to use it. The Better Nutrition Supplement Store option was a game changer. Literally a day after signing up, I had what I needed to start using it and I love seeing their expert recommendations. I sign up for most of the webinars to keep learning about which supplements I want to recommend and how to develop better protocols.”

Annie R, RDN CDE

“I am making $150-$250 a month and finally know which products my patients take. I like that I can adjust the amount each patient pays and run promotions.”

John H. Integrative MD

Still wondering if The Better Nutrition Program Fullscript store is your better option?

  1. Do the supplements come with The Better Nutrition Program logo on them or mine? Neither. The supplements will always have the brand name from the company you see on Fullscript (so Gaia Herbs product will come in their bottle) and they will arrive from Fullscript.
  2. Can I use the Better Nutrition Tools in Fullscript? YES, we highly recommend you do this to optimize results. Here’s how.
  3. My clients are mostly women – are there any recommendations specifically for them? Yes, our store comes stocked with recommendations and this training explains how to develop personalized total nutrition recommendations for women.
  4. Can this help me market my business? You bet.  This training teaches you more about creating and marketing total nutrition.
  5. Who takes care of any shipping or product issues for my client? Fullscript does. They are like your customer service department. They have representatives available for you and your clients to discuss any questions.
  6. My patients think it’s good to get supplements through Amazon, what can I tell them? Fullscript is an authorized distributor of high quality supplement brands. They vet all products they allow. Plus, supplements are stored and shipped following manufacturer guidelines. As a practitioner, you feel better knowing your clients are getting exactly what you want them to have and that it is shipped and stored properly.
  7. Is it ok to make money off the supplements my client purchases? This is a personal business decision. A good litmus test is asking yourself “am I comfortable telling my client I make some money from their supplement sale” as we believe you practitioners should be transparent and disclose this to any client. With your Fullscript store you can choose what you do for each client. You may decide to offer some clients the greatest discount (35%) and not generate revenue, and for others set their discount to 10,15, or 20% and make a portion of the sale. One way to communicate this is by saying “I charge a small fee to manage my supplement store recommendations.”
  8. Will my insurance cover me to sell supplements? It depends. In this live training, Ashley Koff RD and Debra Wolf from Fullscript dive into this topic and share a resource specifically for dietitians.
  9. Are there any protocols that help me know what supplements to recommend? You bet. Ashley Koff RD created a few (acne, bloating, GERD/heartburn, indigestion, heart health, detox) which you can upload directly to your client’s recommendation or you can review and use the information you find helpful to build your recommendation. Learn more about Fullscript protocols from Ashley and Debra here.
  10. What can my clients expect in terms of supplement quality? Fullscript is an authorized distributor of high-quality supplement brands, and they are stored and shipped based on the manufacturers’ guidelines.
  11. Who pays me? Fullscript pays you monthly.

All set. Get started using Better Nutrition Assessment Tools! We are excited for you to get started with a Better Nutrition Fullscript Store. Get yours here right now.