5 Better Nutrition Better Be Delicious Wins

Ashley Koff, RD and Tori Schmitt, MS, RDN, LD

And just like that, it is 2018! You may be putting your New Year better nutrition resolutions into action (Did you join The Better Body Composition Challenge?!).  Go you!  Or, maybe the start of 2018 didn’t happen as planned, so those resolutions are happening slower … or you’re considering whether or not you’ll even form a resolution for the New Year.  No matter where you are … there’s one thing that better happen:


Otherwise, it won’t take long before you go looking for something else, right?! And this applies to what you make and what you order when out or to bring home [ Text ORDER123 to 44222 to get the Ordering Better Nutrition Guide free]

So, how can you achieve your New Year’s Better Nutrition Resolution(s) deliciously?

Here are our 5 Better Nutrition Better Be Delicious Wins:

  1. Win With Dark Chocolate

We say “Yes!” to dark chocolate more often and so can you because it packs in better nutrition. Cacao (the main ingredient used to make dark chocolate) is full of heart-healthy magnesium and plant-based polyphenols.  In 2018, choose dark chocolate (it contains a higher percentage of cacao) more often to power better nutrition better be delicious eating occasions.

Make your own delicious chocolate bar with cacao nibs, nut butter, and toppings like sea salt.  And stock up on Perfect Bar’s Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Almond bars.* These refrigerated bars deliver delicious, nutrient-balanced nutrition all day long (think breakfast on the go, post-workout pit-stop or midday treat).


  1. Win With Delicious D and Omega-3s

No matter your age or life stage, we need these two special nutrients – vitamin D and omega-3s – to help power optimal health.  Vitamin D (the “sunshine” vitamin) plays a key role supporting better bone and immune health, while omega-3s serve to support the health of your heart, brain, and eyes.  It can be hard to get enough of these two wonder nutrition twins through your foods.  That’s why we recommend looking for delicious better nutrition support from SmartyPants gummies which deliver vitamin D3 and EPA/DHA from fish oi without giving you any unwanted ingredients like synthetic colors or artificial flavors! *

  1. Win With Better Nutrition Recipes

Trying new recipes helps you expand your better nutrition palate and options.  A new favorite could be one new meal away!  Have you tried Hemp Pesto, a Better Mocha, Better Egg Muffins, Better Butternut Squash Fries, No Bake Better Caramel Cups?  There are so many better nutrition recipes for you — no matter your cooking skills or time.  Discover your next new favorite Better Nutrition Recipe.

  1. Win With Citrus Fruits

Freshly picked in the winter, citrus fruits are flavorful better nutrition wins for this season – and all year round!  Add a squeeze of fresh lemon to water, incorporate lime juice on top of green salads for extra zip, or pit stop with this Anti-Inflammatory Citrus and Ginger smoothie.  Yet, even the healthiest diet filled with nutrient-dense foods like citrus fruits may still have nutrition gaps.  So, consider a quality multi like those from MegaFood.* These multi-nutrient supplements are made with the Slo-Food Process, which incorporates whole fruits and whole vegetables – including oranges – into your multi.  Just opening the bottle, you will smell and then taste the real oranges (from Matt’s organic oranges) in your multi.  Orange you glad about that?


  1. With Creamy Sauces

When you make your milk from real almonds – not water and a concentrate – you get a real almond flavor and a creamy texture, too. Use Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk as a base to make a non-dairy alfredo sauce (so yum!) to add over your favorite noodles, zoodles or roasted vegetables.

For more ways to make better choices text BETTERNUTRITION to 44222 to download your Better Nutrition 


*Ashley Koff RD is a paid sponsor of the brands mentioned which she also may consume herself and recommends to her patients as appropriate.  She may be the sole author of this post or not, but regardless she has reviewed and approved the statements and these are her recommendations.

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