Your Comprehensive Plan Includes:
  • Get a truly personalized health plan prepared by The BNP Clinical Team™ (over 25 year’s experience)
  • Use the BNP app to share goals, complete personalized assessment and experiments, and message customer service securely
  • A call with The BNP Care Team™ to review your plan recommendations
  • A month of membership, including 30 mins of one-on-one coaching and unlimited messaging with your BNP Coach™ to translate roadmap recommendations into action
  • Live education group sessions led by The BNP Clinical Team™
Select Your Comprehensive Plan powered by genetics to add on:
  • 3X4 Genetic Test and Blueprint Report (shipped directly to you)
  • Genetic insights incorporated into your plan
  • Profound understanding of your genetic makeup and how it influences your health and well-being

Your Comprehensive Health Plan™


Quickly and efficiently reach your health goals with a truly personalized health plan. Our comprehensive assessment covers all aspects of your health and choices, including tailored experiments designed to reveal how your body works today. Your plan includes 30 days of plan development and an additional 30 days to get started implementing with your coach, the clinical team and robust library of resources to help you implement the top priorities outlined in your plan. Start winning and enjoying your better health!

Unlock Your Personalized Health Journey in 3 Phases:

  1. Your Health Insights: share goals, health data and connect with The BNP Care Team™
  2. Your Roadmap: tailored health plan narrated by The BNP Clinical Team™ with truly personalized recommendations
  3. Your Better Next Steps: begin a 30 day membership powered by coaching and BNP resources to put your plan into action

Select Your Comprehensive Health Plan or upgrade to power your plan with Genetics


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Discover Unparalleled Well-being: Presenting Our Comprehensive Health Plan!

The key to getting (and staying) healthy? A truly personalized comprehensive plan built with you, based on your unique design, past and current choices, and laser focused on the most efficient path to your goals. What makes BNP’s comprehensive health plans different? The 3 phases below – check them out or grab your plan now!

Phase 1: Your Health Insights

  • Access the BNP app to share your goals, complete evaluations and experiments, securely upload health information, and directly message The BNP Care Team™
  • Complete or share your 3X4 Genetics test and Blueprint report to have your Comprehensive Health Plan powered by genetics

Phase 2: Your Roadmap

  • A truly personalized health plan (“Your Roadmap”) with a recording prepared by The BNP Clinical Team™
  • Personalized supplement plan and exclusive discounts
  • Lab recommendations with access to the BNP LabShop (no practitioner prescription required)
  • A call with The BNP Care Team™ to review your Roadmap recommendations

Phase 3: Your Health Membership

  • 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching and unlimited messaging with your BNP Coach™
  • Live group sessions hosted by The BNP Clinical Team™
  • Better Nutrition Resources – protocols, guides, menus, and evaluations – to review with your coach to help you make your better choices
  • Optional Add-Ons to dive deeper into a key health area

You’re in Good Hands

Our comprehensive plan is built by experts with 25+ years of practice helping people identify and make their better choices. True personalization begins with knowing you fully – your health, your history, how your body is working today, and what factors impact the choices you are making today. Explore the team who helps make this dream a reality.

  • :hand::skin-tone-5: The BNP Clinical Team™ reviews & synthesizes ALL your data, creates Your roadmap, and stays with you to address questions & help you pivot, as needed, based on real-time feedback
  • :hand::skin-tone-3: The BNP Care Team™ helps guide you through the process and is always available to assist, supports you with choosing your better next step(s)
  • :hand::skin-tone-4: BNP Coach™ partners with you to start translating your plan into action, your cheerleader, sounding board and accountability partner through the whole process
  • :hand::skin-tone-6: The BNP Operations Team™ works behind the scene to make sure all transitions are smooth and if you run into any road bumps, they are there to assist.

Don’t Take Our Word, Hear What Others Have To Say

Optional Lab Add Ons

Elevate your Comprehensive Health Plan with targeted precision. Choose from our array of labs to unlock deeper insights into your well-being. Tailor your plan even further, backed by scientific data, and embark on a journey towards optimized health. Your roadmap to a better you just got more precise.

Dutch Test

The DUTCH Complete™ is a comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, their metabolites, and other key biomarkers. This test gives you insights into how your hormones are working and how they may be impacting your health.

Micronutrient Panel

The Micronutrients Panel measures the levels of various vitamins and minerals in your body. This test can help identify any nutritional deficiencies or abnormalities affecting your health.

Thyroid Panel

The Thyroid Panel measures the levels of thyroid hormones and antibodies in the blood. The results provide important information about thyroid function and help educate about conditions such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.