The Ordering Better Nutrition Guide


How often are you ordering better nutrition or ordering at all?

If the answer is more than three times a week, you need to be ordering better nutrition or it will keep you from your better health goals.

Want tips for ordering better nutrition?

Get the ordering better nutrition guide and learn how to make delicious choices that give your body what it needs to run better, more often. You will also learn to take the pressure of each order with the choices you have at home, including supplements.

So are you ready to order better?

Getting and keeping better health begins with knowing we have choices. There is not perfect choice. But there are better choices for you to make more often.



Are you ordering better nutrition off the menu more often?

Restaurant menus rarely focus on better nutrition. They are an advertisement for what the restaurant wants to sell you.  That’s ok, if you are only ordering out a few times a week.  Your body has daily needs you can’t ignore or it will not have what it needs to run better. This guide helps you order better nutrition and remember better nutrition better be delicious to you or it’s not better.

How are your choices making you feel?

What you order, more often, will say a lot about your better health results.

“Perfect food is born of perfect order” – Daniel Patterson.

So are you ready for ordering better nutrition, more often?

This guide will make ordering better nutrition deliciously easy.  Order things that are delicious, fit within your budget, and keep your nutrient balance in check.