The Sweet Taste Bud Reset™ includes:
  • 4 weeks of daily, digestible content
  • A Meet N’ Greet with your coach to personalize your program
  • A one-on-one sessions & unlimited messaging with your wellness coach
  • Bi-weekly live group sessions with nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD & others
  • Recipes, menus & grocery shopping suggestions
  • A program specific nutrition plan, personalized for each participant
  • Bonus downloads for deeper dives into the content that interests & applies to you
  • Upon completion, 12 months access to program content & materials + discounts on future coaching and programs

Sweet Taste Bud Reset™


If you feel like your sweet tooth is only getting stronger, you’re not alone. Added sugars and non-nutritive sweeteners have disrupted the way our bodies process sugar and actually intensify our cravings over time. The good news? You can reset your personal sweetness scale and reframe how you think about sweet choices. BNP’s Sweet Taste Bud Reset Program™ will help you identify your craving triggers, cleanse your taste buds, and make it easier to choose what’s better for your body moving forward.

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This Program Will Help With….

Weight Loss | Blood Sugar Levels | Autoimmune Disease | Optimal Performance | Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes | Fertility | Healthier Habits | Memory & Focus | Sweet Cravings | Hormone Health | Detoxification | Optimal Energy & Moods

A Proven 3-Step Process—Designed For You by Award-Winning Practitioners


Unpack the food industry’s confusing and conflicting narratives about sugar, and uncover the facts about what sort of sweetness is better for your health. Learn how to identify and address craving triggers and reset your body’s relationship to sweet tastes in as little as fourteen days.


From a natural sugar taste test to personalized lifestyle changes and innovative swaps, the Sweet Taste Bud Reset Program is built to help you make real progress toward your glucose goals. You won’t be going it alone—your BNP coach will be there to guide you every step of the way.


You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you can bring your sweet taste buds back to baseline. With data from the BNP app, it’s easy to keep track of (and meet) your goals.

If you were referred by your practitioner, we update them with your progress and takeaways. If not, we’ll review the results together to make sure you’re prepared to take better next steps.

You’ll Finish the Program With…

A better understanding of how your sweet taste buds work & your better choices

Deliciously doable recipes to support stable natural sugar intake

Personalized tools to help you manage your sugar cravings

Year-long access to all the program resources & content so you can continue to experiment & optimize results

Better Wellness, on Better Terms

Health is personal. Our tools have to be, too. Every aspect of the Sweet Taste Bud Reset Program is designed to support your real life—so you can get better results, easier.

Engagement that works for you – Choose to consume our content through video, audio, or downloadable documents, in the app or on your desktop.

Personalized progress tracking – Write down every detail of your day or request regular check-ins from your coach that you can simply respond to. Share pictures, brief musings, or in-depth analyses—whatever works for you.

On your own or with your peers – Join fellow Sweet Taste Bud tacklers for expert-led group Zoom sessions, or make it a purely personal experience.

Ashley Koff RD

You’re in Good Hands

The Sweet Taste Bud Reset is helmed by BNP founder and CEO Ashley Koff RD. Ashley developed the program to share the knowledge and tools she’s acquired in her 20+ years as a leading personalized nutritional expert and to help you take meaningful steps toward a better life—whatever that means for you.

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