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Better Nutrition Starter Kit Assessment Tools Help You Start a Consult Better!

When you use better nutrition starter kit assessment tools, you get the most complete – total – nutrition picture. With this critical data, you can develop a better roadmap for your initial consultation.  Help give your client what their body needs to run better so they look and feel better.

These tools help you determine what’s missing? What might there be too much of? Improved overall health can’t be reached without better digestion, so that’s the first tool in the better nutrition starter kit assessment tool package.

This package includes the following tools to creates your better nutrition starter plan:

Don’t forget to share your results with the rest of your healthcare team, or if you are a healthcare provider get permission to share the results with the other members of your patient’s team.

Did you know that you can seamlessly use these tools with your Practice Better, Healthie and other EHR accounts? For an example, Learn how to Practice Better Nutrition in this post.


Can better nutrition starter kit assessment tools help you & your client?

The better nutrition starter kit assessment tools help you, as the practitioner, guide your client in taking better next steps toward improved total health. Too often, a client already feels like a failure. They’ve tried probiotics and “it didn’t work” or they took a fiber supplement that made their digestion feel worse! The tools make it easy to learn about their history as well as to help them make better choices for their body so you enable them to win more often. 

Is your client ready to get better health results but is not sure where to start?

The kit includes the essential tools to help you figure out what is already working well nutritionally, and what could be better to help your client reach better health goals. It will give you a read on digestion as well as lifestyle behaviors, so you can pinpoint what needs to be addressed and develop a better order. The better nutrition starter kit of assessment tools makes it easy for you to get what you need even before you see your clients.

Why the Start Here package?

Because when you know what your client can and should eat, drink and take – and what is doable for them – to get results, you help them achieve better total nutrition for their body. Sure you can get these better nutrition tools individually, we just bundled them together to make it easier and save you money. 

Here’s how to empower your patient to make the better nutrition choices you identify for them, more often.