A Better Menu: No Added Sugar


Better Nutrition, deliciously, without added sugar
Whether trying to get better blood sugar or cholesterol levels, reduce risk of disease, or improve digestion and hormone health, reducing your added sugar is better. But it better be delicious and doable, right? Use this menu to enjoy how truly sweet making better no added sugar choices more often can be for you!


How do I use the better nutrition no added sugar menu?

Sure, you can follow the menu exactly. But, what if that is not delicious or doable for you? No problem. Use the no added sugar menu as a guide to see how to enjoy your favorites without added sugar.

But what if I have a sweet craving?

Depending on your health goals, you may be able to include some added sugar.  The World Health Organization recommends healthy adults limit their added sugar to 6 teaspoons daily, where one teaspoon is about 4 grams of sugar, and 16 calories.Use the Better Nutrition Added Sugar Evaluation to see what amount is better for you, right now, based on your health goals. That said, if you need no added sugar, you can enjoy the sweet offerings in this menu like baked fruit and starchy vegetables, as well as spices to provide flavor.
What about supplements?
You can use better supplements to prevent nutrition gaps and replenish your nutrient stores. But if they contain added sugar you need to account for that since likely you consume it daily.  We can help you Build Your Better Supplement Nutrition Plan and you can sign up for the Better Nutrition Supplement Store to see our approved choices.